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Fantastic Collections Announces the Dog Hammock Seat Cover for Cars

Dog seat cover allows dogs to ride in the car without getting the vehicle dirty, says spokesman


Marietta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- According to Statistic Brain, there are 74.8 million owned dogs in the United States, representing 39 percent of households. Mike Thomas, spokesman for Fantastic Collections (, knew that this would mean that many of those dog owners would want to transport their animals in their cars. Therefore, he has announced the existence of a product that is meant to make it easy to take dogs along without getting the car soiled with dog hair, muddy paw prints, water, and other such things. Fantastic Collections has posted a review of the product and offers a picture that allows users to see exactly how it works at a glance.

"Our Dog Hammock is one solution to the problem of a dog getting the car dirty when riding," Thomas explains. "How the product works is a bit different from the type of hammock you would lie in to relax. It stretches from the headrests of the rear seats to the headrests of the ones in the front, but the surface it provides sits flat across the back seat. This gives dogs a nice, stable surface to rest on. The Dog Hammock is also made of 600 D Oxford fabric coated with waterproof PVC. There are no gaps for soil to fall through like there would be with a hammock made of netting."

Since many people look for this product under more generic terms, the company has made sure that it can also be found under names like the Back seat pet cover ( or Dog seat covers for cars ( This makes it easy for all dog owners to find the perfect solution to the problems that often accompany the practice of taking dogs along in automobiles.

"Along with making it easy to find our product, we have made sure that it is reasonably priced," Thomas stated. "Currently, it is priced at only $50."

We asked Thomas if dogs needed to be trained to stay off of the car's floor in order to have success with this product. "Fortunately, that is not necessary at all," he informed us. "The Dog Hammock stretches over the entire rear seat and floor area, so dogs are not able to get to the floor when it is in place. This makes it easy to use with no special training."

Next, we asked where the company's dog seat covers could be purchased. "Some of our retailers are selling the Dog Hammock through Amazon. This allows customers to gain access to Amazon's excellent fulfillment system, customer service, and shopping security," Thomas says. "We also offer the covers through a network of distributors around the country."

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