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Fantasy Authors Declared the New Myth Makers by Guest Blogger at Dragonwell Publishing Blog

Tracy Falbe, an indie author of nine fantasy novels, wrote about the origins and purposes of myths in her guest appearance at the blog of Dragonwell Publishing. She explained how modern fantasy authors give people not only entertainment but psychological support for facing life’s trials.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- On June 25, Tracy Falbe appeared as a guest blogger at the Dragonwell Publishing blog. In her article Fantasy Authors Are Making Myths Before Our Eyes she explained how myths emerge from the realities of any given society. The stories serve as examples of people facing adversity, coping with change, or seeing the truth of the world.

“Collectively authors and readers are exploring their imaginations and seeking to construct new guide posts that illustrate the challenges and stages of their lives,” Falbe wrote.

The author has long been influenced by the writings of the famous mythology scholar Joseph Campbell. He asserted that most modern societies lack functional myths. The mythologies from history were constructed to serve people within their societies at that time. The spiritual and social systems of the past no longer exist and therefore their religions and myths are failing to serve the needs of modern audiences.

“Once I understood Campbell’s message that humanity needs to update its mythologies to create a storyline for the future, I saw how fantasy writers were doing this work whether they knew it or not,” Falbe said.

Her guest post made the point that “All artists including fantasy authors are doing the work of projecting society upon the psyche and provoking us to imagine our best selves.”

Expanding on this point, she wrote:

“People are turning to genre fiction to satisfy their normal human need for mythological guidance. The prevalence of fan conventions like comic cons, anime cons, and gaming cons reveals a widespread public need for a shared mythology. At conventions they gather around themes of common stories that speak to them with meaning.”

The Dragonwell Publishing Blog often includes insightful essays like this from its authors and guests. Falbe was invited to write for the blog because she has supported the books of Anna Kashina, whose fantasy fiction is published by Dragonwell.

About Tracy Falbe
Falbe, who lives in Michigan, produces and sells her fiction worldwide from her web store Brave Luck Books. Her fantasy novels are also available at major online retailers.

Titles currently available by Tracy Falbe are:

Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale
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Free ebooks of Union of Renegades and Rys Rising are available at her website for fantasy fans interested in learning more about her epic fantasy books.