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Fantasy Novels by Tracy Falbe Added to Inkbok $4.95 a Month Ebook Subscription Service

Readers gain at Inkbok the most affordable platform to date to read all 9 fantasy novels by indie author Tracy Falbe whose readers have compared her to George R.R. Martin, Robin Hobb, and Anne McCaffrey.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- The March 28th launch of Inkbok, a new ebook subscription service that charges only $4.95 a month, opened a new venue for readers worldwide to read all 9 fantasy novels by Tracy Falbe.

“This subscription service offers a tremendous value to readers,” Falbe said, whose titles at retail ebook prices would total over $36.

Fantasy novels by Tracy Falbe at Inkbok are:

Union of Renegades
The Goddess Queen
Judgment Rising
The Borderlands of Power
Rys Rising
Savage Storm
New Religion
Love Lost
Werelord Thal: A Renaissance Werewolf Tale

For $4.95 a month readers at Inkbok receive unlimited access to the premium catalog of thousands of novels and articles from over a thousand authors and over 70 publishers. They can read some or all of Falbe’s novels within the ebook catalog that includes books, articles, poetry, and short stories in over 50 genres like romance, mystery, children’s, self help, business, fitness, science fiction, fantasy, and biography. Ebooks can be read through a web browser or on apps for Android and iOS.

“The ebook subscription model is a great way for readers to discover new authors because their cost is the same no matter what they choose to read,” Falbe said.

Inkbok president Todd Ebach said, “The team at Inkbok believes that offering readers the freedom to discover through a subscription model will result in more people reading.”

Ebach added, “We want to recapture that exciting feeling of spending hours in an old used bookstore and never knowing what you might find.”

As an author joining the Inkbok community, Falbe was interested by the innovative royalty structure offered to content creators by Inkbok that is privately held and not beholden to outside investors or venture capitalists.

“The company is splitting 60 percent of gross revenue among authors whose works are read by subscribers,” Falbe said, which she feels gives her a chance to earn appropriate compensation for her novels that she has spent 16 years of her life creating.

Inkbok also distinguishes itself with the commitment to its customers to distribute 10 percent of gross revenue to charities selected by the community each month. The remaining 30 percent of revenue is used to run the website and pay the Inkbok team.

Inkbok founder 30-year-old Joey Ebach said the company is based on the primary goals of “low cost reading, fair royalties, and giving back.”

After reviewing the potential of Inkbok upon receiving an invitation to place her works in its collection in December, Falbe was satisfied that the ebook subscription service could provide her with a viable business model for reaching new readers.

She has been publishing her fantasy fiction since 2006. Her titles are available at many online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, and her own web store Brave Luck Books that sells to a global audience.

Readers who get hooked on either of her free ebooks Union of Renegades or Rys Rising: Book I go on to buy her other titles. Fans have praised her epic series in emails to the author.

From her fan feedback page:

Derek W. wrote, “Thank you for the great pleasure that you have given me through your fantastic writing.”

Chris J. wrote, “You have just passed George R.R. Martin and Anne McCaffrey as my favorite writer.”

Brian J. wrote, “Your character creation is fantastic. I feel like I know these people personally.”

Most of Falbe’s fantasy books are set in her world of the Rys, a rare race of magical beings that rule over and manipulate human societies to serve their own schemes. Her novels are multi-year and multi-character sagas packed with personal duels, epic battles, magic, romance, and the corrupting influence of great power.

Full descriptions of her fantasy books are listed at her Inkbok profile.