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Fantasy on iBooks Attracts Readers to Epic Series by Indie Author

Readers at iBooks, a global ebook store run by Apple, consistently give Union of Renegades by Tracy Falbe high ratings. This free fantasy ebook at iBooks draws readers into more novels by the indie author from Battle Creek, Michigan.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I is only free at the Apple iBooks store because the author is an unknown independent talent. Tracy Falbe, a Michigan native who has been self publishing her fantasy fiction since 2006, uses the freemium model to attract readers.

The 4.5 star rating in the Apple iBooks store for Union of Renegades proves that Falbe delivers top notch entertainment to fantasy fans. For the past four years, some of them have continued The Rys Chronicles and bought the remaining ebooks at $4.99 each.

Union of Renegades is a Medieval-style fantasy in the world of the rys, a magical race created by the author as an alternative vision to the typical elves that populate fantasy novels.

“My hero Dreibrand Veta is a little more mature than the typical teenage fantasy hero,” Falbe said. “He’s in his early twenties and has been serving as an officer in an aggressive empire because he’s hoping to be rewarded with new territory and rebuild his family’s wealth.”

As many people can relate, hard work and dedication don’t equal rewards for Dreibrand. The novel opens at the moment of his disillusionment that triggers a radical response.

This excerpt from Union of Renegades illustrates the hero’s moment of truth:

Groaning with frustration, Dreibrand realized his ambition and success had blinded him. He had thought his bond with his commander would overcome the seniority of others and that was why exclusion from the expeditionary force had hurt so much. He understood now that he was not the senior officer, and worse than that, a Veta would not be included on the historic first expedition into the Wilderness. But despite this understanding, his anger rushed back mixed with despair. He felt like a whipped hound who had been shown his place in the pack.

And he remembered how hard he had worked to get to that place. Being accepted at the Darmar’s military academy had been difficult, and he had been constantly pressed to obtain the money for his tuition. Then, there had been the struggle to graduate at the top of his class. The social pressure to exclude him had been a constant obstacle. Now it seemed that no matter how far he got from Atrophane, he could not escape the stigma of his family. He felt ill when he considered that he had helped to make the Empire bigger.

The heroine Miranda is also a fresh take on women in fantasy. She is a slave and mother of young children. As the empire descends on her village, she flees into the nearby Wilderness that is haunted and shunned by all locals.

“She isn’t a naive person or someone with super powers. She’s a desperate woman in desperate times,” Falbe explained.

The magical elements of the novel emerge from the rys. They are a rare race of super beings who rule over numerous tribes. They can control people’s thoughts, kill with their magic, and even enslave the souls of the dead.

The plot of Union of Renegades is driven by Dreibrand and Miranda’s choice to serve the rys Shan who seeks to overthrow Onja. She has ruled as a tyrannical goddess for over 2,000 years.

About Tracy Falbe
All of Falbe’s novels are available in over 50 countries at the iBooks ebook store. Union of Renegades is full-length free fantasy ebook at iBooks. The fantasy novel is also a 19-hour audiobook at iTunes. See a complete list of her iBooks and audiobooks. Ebooks from the iBooks store are read on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers.

For more information about Falbe and her fantasy writing, people can visit her website Brave Luck Books http://www.braveluck.com where she also sells ebooks in multiple formats worldwide. She is easily contacted by email at her website.