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Fanwood Fitness Announces the Launch of in-Home Personal Training

Individuals find they can achieve their fitness goals with the help of this personal training option now available in certain areas, reports


Fanwood, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- Fanwood Fitness understands many individuals avoid the gym, as they feel they aren't in good shape. They don't want to be embarrassed in front of others while working out. For this reason, the fitness facility offers a private personal fitness studio, one where individuals can focus on their workout in private, without concern of others gawking and staring at them while they do so. A personal trainer works with the client to develop a treatment plan to meet their unique needs, regardless of what they are.

"According to the Centers for Disease Control, 34.9 percent of American adults are obese. Individuals in this category may not wish to exercise in front of others. With the help of the private studio, they no longer have to, so they can get into shape without feeling uncomfortable. Many find this option helps them to achieve their personal fitness goals," Edward Alligier, spokesperson for Fanwood Fitness, states.

To compliment the private personal fitness studio, Fanwood Fitness announces the launch of their new in-home personal training sessions. Individuals in the Westfield, Scotch Plains, Watchung, Berkely, Clark, Fanwood, Garwood, Mountainside and New Providence areas may take advantage of this personal training option in their quest to achieve their fitness goals. Contact the Fanwood Personal Trainers to see how they can be of assistance, whether an individual is trying to lose weight or just to get into shape.

"Every individual is different, thus the personal trainer customizes the fitness plan to meet the client's unique needs and goals. Each trainer remains committed to providing the client with the guidance they need and the support they want. Those taking advantage of this option find the process becomes much easier, as they aren't working out at a level that is too slow for them or trying to keep up with those who are more advanced," Alligier announces.

Some individuals wish to lose weight, yet others are more concerned about getting toned. Each activity requires something different, and this is taken into account when the plan is developed. Many individuals turn to a personal trainer as they want to boost their fitness level, and this may be accomplished also. In addition, with the private studio or at-home personal training option, people find they are less self-conscious and this may make them willing to work harder, as they aren't concerned about what others are thinking.

"With in-home personal training, individuals find they don't need to search for parking, fight traffic or pay tolls to get into shape. There's no need to wait for equipment to become available either, as the personal trainer brings the necessary equipment with him or her. Furthermore, for those who lead busy lives and find it difficult to fit regular training sessions in, the personal trainer can come to his or her office to make doing so easier," Alligier continues.

The Academy for Eating Disorders reports as many as one in five young women engage in unhealthy dieting, purging and binge-eating patterns. These patterns often have long term negative consequences on the health, and this organization reports eating disorders, for women between the ages of 15 and 24, account for one of the four top causes of burden of disease with regards to the number of years lost to disability or death. For this reason, healthy eating and exercise patterns need to be encouraged.

"Fanwood Fitness Trainers work with clients to improve not only their fitness, but their nutrition also. With the help of personal trainers either in-home or at the Fanwood Fitness Studio, everyone can achieve their goals without resorting to these extreme measures. It's time to get into shape and stay that way for life and, with the help of a personal trainer, this task becomes easier. Get into shape for the new year with the help of our training staff. We can't wait to work with you and help you achieve your fitness goals," Alligier reports.

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Fanwood Fitness understands many individuals hesitate to join a gym or fitness club, as they don't wish to exercise in front of others. For this reason, the studio offers both in-home personal training and training at the studio in total privacy. With the help of the private personal fitness studio, visitors never need to worry about others gawking or staring, so he or she stays focused on the workout, rather than other people.