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Far Infrared, Anion and Aromatherapy Shower Fizzers, Invented by Jeremy Madvin, Test Positive for Huge Negative Ion Emission


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2016 -- Zeta Technology group, leaders in Far-Infrared and Negative Ion science have recently announced the release of their new Zeta Vapor Fizzers. This innovative new tablet brings the power of these two areas, plus essential oils, to turn a bath or shower into an invigorating aromatherapy experience.

Many people wish they had a far-infrared sauna, but the price of such an expense has kept it out of reach. Until now. Zeta Technology Group, leaders in far-infrared and negative ion technology, have recently announced the release of a new tablet system, the Zeta Vapor Fizzers, which utilizes the same methods of a sauna, but right in a normal bathtub or shower for pennies on the dollar. This unique aromatherapy experience, combining the best of far-infrared, negative ion and essential oil science, has been met with a quick endorsement from early customers.

"We really brainstormed to come up with an affordable solution for our customers who wanted to experience the health benefits of this technology, but who couldn't afford the high price tag," commented Jeremy Madvin, a spokesperson from the company. "Our new Zeta Vapor Fizzers are a remarkable, effective answer to this concern and we have every confidence it will quickly become one of our most popular products."

Using the tablets are simple. Just add one to a bath or to the floor of a shower and the moisture will cause the tablet to begin working and releasing its essential oil and other benefits.

Most customers report deep relaxation, relief from muscle soreness and pain, as well as huge leaps in energy and a sense of well being.

The product is completely safe and free of soy, GMOs and other possible concerns.

For more information, contact Zeta Technology Group at (805) 277-9092 or see http://www.zetatherapy.com .

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