Farewell My Sanity Lab: Making People Famous with a "Cat"


Panama City, Panama -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Farewell My Sanity Labs is a site designed with the sole purpose of making people famous using a unique concept. It is an idea that will interest anybody that visits the website. The aim of the site is to make people popular and this is done in a quite unusual but fast way using a "cat". With the help of the cat, any individual who wants to be popular for any particular reason can finally gain the popularity they so much desire simply by buying The Cat.

Everyone is familiar with social networking sites. Most of its users have different reasons for opening up accounts. Some create accounts to communicate with their loved ones while others create accounts for business purposes only. Whatever the reason, some users on these social networking sites just remain in the background and never get noticed. This could be quite frustrating especially if it is their desire to be noticed and show to the world who they are and what they are all about. Fortunately, this set of people can use the service offered by Farewell My Sanity Labs.

No other site offers the same service as that launched by Farewell My Sanity Labs. For most, what the company offers is something new and also the latest internet sensation. Farewell My Sanity Labs is a site launched to help people with a strong desire and need to show themselves to the world. Whether people are interested in letting the world know about their hobby, their business or anything of sort, Farewell My Sanity Labs can be of great help. All the person needs is just the cat.

Interested people can get The Cat simply by sending their photo, their first and last names, country information, links to their social networks accounts, and their phone number and address to the owners of the site. Then, The Cat will be made. The Cat is handcraft made of Italian leather. All Cats have its own number and unique QR-code.

For those who are interested in publishing more information about Farewell My Sanity Labs and The Cat, just email them at andrey.zakharyan@gmail.com.

About Farewell My Sanity Labs
Farewell My Sanity Labs’ is owned by a stock trader whose main aim is to provide a means of making every individual famous in the most unusual yet fast and effective way.

Contact: Andrey Zakharyan
Company: Farewell My Sanity Labs
Address: Russia, Moscow
Email: andrey.zakharyan@gmail.com
Website: www.farewellmysanity.com