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Farmers Turn to Hydroponics in California Drought: Bradford Hydroponics Comment


Bradford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2016 -- In recent news it has been reported that the drought in California continues, with farmers having to look for other ways to grow their crops and feed their animals. It has been reported that one farmer has decided to turn to hydroponics – this lets him grow his crops indoors using minimal water. The farmer is growing sprouted barley inside using hydroponic equipment which requires only using 2% of the water it would talk to grow it outside. Therefore, saving water and money.

Hydroponics isn't just good for places which face droughts. The market for hydroponics has increased massively in the recent years with more people realising how beneficial it is, some benefits including:

- Hydroponics doesn't use a lot of water, therefore saving money.
- Fruit and vegetables taste better as they haven't been grown in soil.
- Your plants will grow faster and stronger, they also don't need as much space.
- No weeding is needed, minimizing stress.
- Hydroponics is environmentally friendly and is also therapeutic.
- You're able to grow all year-round, therefore don't need to worry about the changing seasons.

A spokesperson from Bradford Hydroponics was keen to comment saying, "Hydroponics is great option for everybody; it doesn't just provide complete control over plants but also allows for growing all year-round, which people love. When we first heard about this news we thought that we were going to get a vast amount of enquires from farmers, and we were right. We have been contacted by numerous people who want to find out more about hydroponics. Here at Bradford Hydroponics we sell a variety of high quality equipment for our customers. Feel free to contact us, we're more than happy to help all."

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