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Fashion Blog Enlightens Readers on the Cool Features of the New Nike Jerseys System - Nike Elite 51


Fujian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- In accordance with the agreement with the NFL, the Nike has officially become the official supplier of NFL uniforms which have included the court suits, underwear, attaching clothing and training uniforms. The cheap Nike NFL jerseys of 32 team of NFL has been sold at April 15 in the Nike store and some online supplier such as website which is the best online seller for all kinds of Discount fashion jerseys and cheap NCAA jerseys. Beginning from April 26, all of the NFL fans could buy their favorite NFL teams jersey at the website above. The name of this jersey system should be Nike Elite 51. Now, the professional seller which website is would let people know more about this jersey system clearly.

The main function of this kind of highly integrated uniform system which name is Nike Elite 51 should be concluded below.

The first point is the lighter weight. The Nike jerseys and shorts are lighter that the former types whether they are in wet or dry condition.

The fly line technology has helped the maker reduce the number of layers of the cheap Nike NFL jerseys. This could greatly reduce the weight of the NFL jersey and then it could provide the NFL player with the best locking and fitting.

The local mesh ventilation is another factor of this new NFL jersey. This new technology could provide the best 2013 new Jerseys cooling zone which could let players have good temperature controlling.

The local elasticity designing of this kind of new NFL jersey system has been resulted in the high toughness and elastic material which has light weight and strong locking ability.

This kind of new NFL jersey has had greater range of motion area. The four-way stretching hydrophobic material has let this kind of jersey with greater range of motion. On the other hand, the aluminum D-ring belt which is one kind of aircraft-grade aluminum D-ring belt can greatly reduce the weight of this NFL suit.

However, another part of this NFL jersey system such as Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 gloves have also had significantly features. This kind of glove has light weight, good ventilation and it could suitable for the shape of people's palm ¨Cshaped. The Magnigrip technology has already been applied into people¡¯s palm and fingers. This kind of technology could let player have more powerful grip force in a variety of climatic conditions.

On the other hand, the Nike Vapor Talon Elite shoe's cleats have been designed to greatly enhance discount MLB jerseys the speed and excellent performance of the NFL player. This shoe has applied the mature technology of Nike which could let this shoe have light weight, good grip force, solid locking and comfortable feeling. This high quality shoes could help people achieve freely multi-directional movement.

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