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Fashion Designer Eric Way Endorses Natox Anti Wrinkle Cream, an Alternative to Botox


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2012 -- In the last few months people in the beauty industry have been getting excited about Natox, a new and effective alternative to Botox.

The Natox anti wrinkle cream is currently endorsed by The Sun's beauty editor Sue Moxley (who now uses this product instead of Botox), but it now has a male celebrity endorsing this product as well in the shape of top international fashion designer Eric Way.

Eric Way has dressed some of the world's most glamourous women including Dame Shirley Bassey, Ivana Trump and Kristen Davis when she was starring in Sex and the City.

So he is well known in the fashion and beauty world, and his endorsement of this beauty product obviously carries some weight.

Apart from these endorsements, the product has also received a lot of publicity because it claims to work in the same way as Botox. This is because the cream penetrates your skin and attacks the nerve endings and muscles that cause wrinkles to form in the first place.

So when this cream is applied every single day, these wrinkles slowly start to become less noticeable, and your skin starts to become a lot smoother and softer.

Sue Moxley is a huge fan of this product and now Eric Way has started to recommend this anti wrinkle treatment as well, it looks likely to become very popular with both men and women.

No-one likes to have lines and wrinkles on their forehead or around their eyes, and very few people like the idea of getting Botox done two or three times a year because of the pain and the possible side effects.

So this Natox anti wrinkle skin cream could be an effective solution for those people who want to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. It is made from natural ingredients, which means there are no side effects, and it is totally pain-free.

If you would like to read more about the Natox skin cream, and find out why the likes of Sue Moxley and Eric Way are recommending this anti wrinkle treatment, you can do so by visiting:


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