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Fashion Startup RE.MU Raises Funding and Releases Android App

RE.MU, a fashion social network, has closed a funding round with leading investor, KAMIA and TMI Holdings. The funding comes as the market for fashion curation is heating up, with more money being invested in the space.


Taipei, Taiwan -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Since the launch of their iPhone app last month, RE.MU continues to gain support from fashion-lovers and modeling agencies for their strict curation process and talent discovery stories. RE.MU is currently a hot talent pool for agencies and fashion media. In October, more than 50 RE.MU users have been selected to appear on various fashion magazines and media outlet.

As part of the fashion hub’s growth plan, RE.MU will release its android app this month and expand their strategic partnerships with brands and online stores. RE.MU currently partners with Vogue, Miss7, Delgada, PAZZO and on various cross-promotional activities.

RE.MU founder, Alvin Woon who previously sold his consulting company and founded, believes fashion commerce has been littered with so many products that shoppers are having a hard time just knowing what to click. "As a new generation of social media-savvy shoppers come of age, retailers and e-commerce sites need to think about how they’re adapting to new standards. People want to be told what to buy, what kind of shirts go well with what kind of pant, what's the color of the season, how to mix and match your high school sweater, etc etc. This is why curation services are gaining a lot of traction and why e-commerce stores are launching their own fashion blogs. People go there to look at beautiful things and learn about how to look good. These sites tend to have a chief tastemaker, usually the founder. Now what if everyone can be a tastemaker and you get to choose who to follow? Real people sharing their awesome closets. That's RE.MU."

Edward Chyau, Managing Director at KAMIA commented, "RE.MU offers a truly authentic interaction between brands, fashion-lovers, and influencers. In an era where the audience is inundated with force-fed advertising, this authenticity is valuable and naturally gives way to many forms of monetization.”

The funding will be used to accelerate its rapid growth, make acquisitions, pursue strategic partnerships and expand the functionality of Taste AI, an in-house developed large scale bayesian recommendation system for fashion products.


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