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Fashion Undercover Upgrades Their Site to Aid International Customers


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2013 -- The internet marketplace brings customers from all over the world together with retailers who may be on the other side of the globe, but that can often mean problems for the consumer. Not every customer will speak the same language as the country where the retailer is located, making communication difficult, and currency exchanges can require a calculator and complex calculations to determine a price. Fashionunder cover proud to announce that they have upgraded their website to make international transactions a little easier.

Fashionunder cover offers women all over the world trendy and elegant clothing that conforms to the ideals of modesty that have been a part of most Eastern cultures for centuries. Women will be able to choose from clothing that keeps the skin covered and fits loosely enough that it is not form fitting. The idea behind this is to place focus on the woman’s intellect and personality rather than her overt sexuality. This attitude towards clothing runs contrary to what most fashion companies provide, which makes Fashionunder cover a trendsetter in the fashion space.

In order to accommodate more international customers Fashionunder cover has upgrade their site. Customers are now able to easily change the prices of the items that they wish to purchase into local currencies, including Euros, Rubles, British Pounds and many others. This makes it easy for international customers to compare prices without the need to do the currency calculations on their own. The upgrades to the site also includes on site access to the Google translate feature so that non-English speakers to browse the site in their own native language.

The quality of the clothing, the tremendous selection and the competitive prices bring customers to by the thousands. Through their willingness to adapt and make quality of life changes to help customers shop at their site, even when the customer is thousands of miles away.

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