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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal Treatments with Monitored hCG Levels That Burn Body Fat for New, Fast Diet Programs

Diet Doc’s fast diet plans utilize prescription grade hCG levels in their specially formulated body fat burning treatments that allow clients to see unwanted and embarrassing excess fat quickly melt away.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- Most people in Houston Texas who are looking for a fast diet plan that will allow them to quickly lose unwanted body fat have learned that sticking with their goals to lose weight fast can be the most challenging aspect of their plans. Until now, finding a fast diet program that addresses the unique causes of weight gain and personal weight loss needs, including appetite control, has been virtually impossible, and has left many in Houston Texas settling for an inactive, unhealthy lifestyle. Now, Diet Doc has revealed specially formulated treatments with high hCG levels that effectively burn body fat from hard to reach areas of the body, control cravings for unhealthy foods and allow their patients to see immediate results of up to almost a pound per day.

Diet Doc believes that establishing a healthy meal and snack plan is imperative for successful fast diets that rid patients of excess body fat. Each patient will immediately begin working with one of Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists to design a healthy eating program around the patient’s specific health history, age, gender, lifestyle and food preferences. This personalized approach to eliminating body fat not only is efficient in providing quick results, it also allows the patient to feel comfortable during their transition to a healthier figure. Because this meal plan is developed around the patient’s personal needs, it is easier for them to maintain their goals for healthy eating and less likely that they will crave fatty, sugary foods. But, because cravings and temptations can be overpowering, Diet Doc includes treatments with high hCG levels to control the impulse to overindulge and derail the patient’s fast diet plan.

Elevated hCG levels are detected only in women because hCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced by women when they become pregnant. This hormone acts as a protective barrier to the growing fetus by mobilizing the mother’s excess body fat and directing it to the fetus when the mother does not have immediate access to food. When this process was discovered in the early 1950s, it was quickly isolated and incorporated into fast diet programs and used as a fast weight loss tool to flush excess body fat away from hard to reach areas like the stomach, thighs and underarms. Once researchers began using high hCG levels to treat body fat, they also found that it was able to suppress the patient’s appetite and allow them to make healthier eating choices.

Patients should note that not all treatments utilizing hCG are the same and may not produce effective results. Many companies market hCG treatments as part of their fast diet programs, but only offer their clients homeopathic treatments with hCG levels too low to produce any results. Diet Doc treatments contain only pure, prescription grade hCG levels that are developed and produced in one of their fully licensed, United States based pharmacies. Diet Doc patients can feel confident in the quality of ingredients in their treatments and, soon after beginning their fast diets, will see excess fat melt away.

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