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Fast Eddy Keys Express Publishes New Video Warning Against Cheap Online Key Replacements

‘Fast Eddy’ Edward Mann, a commercial locksmith in Minneapolis, recently prepared a video for YouTube in which he warns people about buying replacement car keys online.


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2015 -- Cars are an essential part of people's day to day lives, but without the keys, they are useless. Unfortunately car keys in the 21st century are complex electronic devices, often with remote locking, immobilisers and other radio components. This means individuals can't simply get another one cut, and must seek out proper replacements. Doing so online has been thought to be a cheap way of finding a replacement, but most online providers have a dubious reputation at best. Minneapolis Locksmith Fast Eddy Keys Express has just created a video describing the risks and dangers of ordering replacement keys online.

The video describes the common problems encountered with cheap keys bought on the web. These include crashing the car's internal computers and causing even greater issues, or simply not working at all, with no refund policy. What's more, these keys are often 3D printed with cheap materials that may break off in the lock.

Fortunately, Fast Eddy is a recommended provider of replacement keys and can ensure they are accurately programmed to be compatible with the car's internal computers, guaranteeing they will work. The prices are the best value possible, and are being fulfilled by a fully licensed, bonded and insured local commercial locksmith.

A spokesperson for Fast Eddy Keys Express explained, "These keys may seem like a way to save some money but they almost always end up costing people more. Eddy himself has taken to the internet to debunk a lot of the sales jargon these websites use to make their keys look like an attractive proposition without actually honoring any promises when it comes to money back guarantees. By explaining the cost of programming and other associated processes and repairs, the cost works out cheaper for individuals to get a real replacement key from a locksmith than to waste their time with these online scams."

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