SUM Interactive Releases the Shocking Fast Food Game App

What is in your fast food meal maybe a shock. Play the new Shocking Fast Food Trivia game from SUM Interactive to find out more about the food we love to eat


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Shocking food headlines are popping up everywhere influencing what fast food you order for your next meal. Horsemeat in your meat news aside, how do you get fast food consumers interested in what is really in their fast food meal? One fun way to get consumers thinking is with SUM Interactive’s release of their Shocking Fast Food Trivia game. The mobile game is filled with hundreds of Fast Food Trivia questions about the food that people love to eat.

“We all grew up on fast food Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, Tacos and Coke. As I learned more about what I am eating, I changed my eating habits,” says SUM Interactive’s Derek Sunshine. “My wife and I decided there is no way that stuff is going to be the diet of our kids. Our goal with this new game was to help entertain while feeding people‘s hunger for information about Fast Food, I think Shocking Fast Food Trivia is a step towards that goal”

In the U.S. alone the Fast Food Industry brings in over 110 Billion dollars annually. There are hundreds of thousands of fast food outlets worldwide; millions of people get a good percentage of their daily caloric intake from fast food. These numbers are clearly not trivial.

Some fast food outlets say they offer healthier meal alternatives, it’s clearly up to the consumer to determine if they really are healthy for them or not. Slowly but steadily healthy eating is becoming a trend among individuals. As more and more processed foods are being introduced in the market, there is certainly a need to be vigilant when it comes to diet. However, such vigilance could only be effective if there is information on the kinds of food to eat and to avoid. The Shocking Fast Food Trivia app may just be a game at first glance. However, it does tap into the need for information regarding the fares sold by fast food chains.

Shocking Fast Food Trivia game keeps track of your right and wrong percentage and tracks your scores. There are hundreds of fast food questions about the foods we eat available in the game whose answers may just shock. Players will have fun while learning and will think to ask more questions about what’s in the food they love eat.

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