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Fast Food Packaging Could Carry More Health Threats Than the Food Itself: Sontex Comments


Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2017 -- People already know that fast food is not good for us. Although it may be delicious, in the majority of instances it is greasy, deep fried and overall bad for our health; however this doesn't stop people from treating themselves occasionally. However, recent news has highlighted something in which that majority of us didn't know – A lot of the packaging in which fast food comes in is also bad for us, containing extremely harmful chemicals.

The paper wrapping and cardboard boxes which are typically home to our burgers and fries are coated in a chemical that is designed to repel grease. This may sound like a good invention, but that is only until you discover that it is made up of fluorinated compounds. These compounds are highly persistent synthetic chemicals, and some of these have even been linked with cancer.

Of course these chemicals are found in many other products too and not limited to takeaway packaging, for example they can also be common within cleaning products, paints and makeup, however considering the fact that fast food is already bad for us – giving up fast food could be a great place to start.

A spokesperson from Sontex, a leading company within the packaging industry, was incredibly keen to comment saying, "It is sad to discover, and no doubt incredibly shocking to many that the packaging in which our food comes in can be so harmful. It is now more important than ever to ensure that we consider packaging more, opting for food items that are packaged using 100% safe materials and more. All of the packaging solutions that we offer here at Sontex are safe and harm-free and we urge anyone with any questions to give us a call."

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