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Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2012 -- What are the best tips to survive College? Or the 10 most powerful self-defense tips for women (and men)? How to avoid the piracy that might affect an iPhone? What are the best pickup lines that work almost every time? Wouldn’t it be great to find a website that lists all these useful information? Well, that’s exactly what Fast Secret Club is.

A very sleek, interactive website where the web surfers can find an array of tips, trivia, tricks and interesting information, conveniently grouped in main topics as, “Business,” “Dating and Relationship,” “Diet & Exercise,” “Health and Healing,” “Self Improvement” and “Wealth & Retirement.” There is also a Video section where users can find (as well as post) clips about the aforementioned topics.

The interactive website allows the users to search a specific article about one particular subject, or the users can browse pages and pages of fascinating tidbits of information — without ever getting bored. The articles are competently written by other users, experts in different fields, but they are aimed for the whole world to read.

And not only the users can leave comments on every single article, sometime sparkling exciting discussions with the authors of the articles, but the users themselves can post an article of their writing on one of the general topics the website offers. Experts in electronics, in self help therapy, in sports… Anybody has something to say — and Fast Secrets Club offers a sounding board where to post it.

The articles in Fast Secrets Club offer something for everybody: whether its users are searching some information about retirement, or if they’re wondering how the latest search engine is working, or what is the story behind Star Wars, or how to improve their swing at golf, or which one is the best radio-controlled airplane to buy… The website has articles that cover all these topics — and then some.

The world is filled with handbooks that teach the theory of certain specific activity — but there are very few ones that explain in a matter-of-factly way what happens in reality. At last, the Fast Secrets Club is filling the gap and tells its users, in plain and direct and understandable language, what actually happens when the theory hits the practice.

Some of the articles are more serious, others are a little more fun — but they are all competent and easy to read; the users might find right away the information they’re looking for, or can hop from one article to another, learning a lot in the meantime. Finally, a website that uses the internet the best possible way: helping everyone with intelligence.

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