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Fast Selling Plano Homes Promotes Better Investment


Prosper, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- The fast-selling rate of Plano residential homes gives better opportunities for residential and business endeavors, as seen by Bloskas Realty Group, the leading group of real estate hub online.

The fast rate of residential property purchases has gone to a significant rate that it was reported to have an increase price of about nine percent. This is seen in the first quarter of 2013 where people seem to appreciate the city of North Dallas even more. Steve Brown, the real estate editor of Dallas Morning News, observed that:

- The Dallas homes prices will continue to rise, even more at 10 percent, as higher demands of real estate properties continues. Last year was the best so far in terms of local housing market.

- Compared to 2012, the pre-owned properties are selling with higher rates of about 20 percent last 2013. The rate is about to go high this 2014, although it is yet to be observed.

- There will be an increase mortgage and homes sales for the rest of the years as many people still keeps on looking for more properties in Dallas.

With the high demands of Texas homes, including Plano, the Texas A&M Real Estate Center and the North Texas Real Estate Information System observed 24 percent rise on homes sold last year. This includes the neighborhoods of North Dallas and Denton County. Last 2013, the median housing price in Plano is at $249,850, which is higher than the average price.

With the fast rate of homes selling in Plano, Bloskas Realty Group sees this as an opportunity to gain better return of profits (ROI) in the long run. The increases of rates can double the investment amount so a property can be resold at a higher price after a few months.

Individuals and families also should take advantage of the rate since the value of the property is now being considered not just for monetary gains but for other opportunities in career and personal life as well.

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