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Fast Track French Launches New Service Offering French Lessons via Skype

Benefits include opportunity to expand job possibilities and a better understanding of cultures reports


Ashford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Fast Track French proudly announces the launch of a new web based service offering French lessons via Skype. Native French teachers work with students one-on-one for a personalised learning experience which allows for faster and more effective learning. All lessons can be arranged at a time and place which works with the student's schedule.

"The best way to learn French is to practise one-to-one with a native French teacher. This allows you to speak the language as much as possible in a situation where you are not worried about making mistakes. The teacher will be able to pinpoint the areas of the language that you are struggling with and focus on them, allowing for faster progress. Often it's not possible to find a native French teacher in your home town and this is one of the reasons why Fast Track French ( decided to launch this service offering French lessons via Skype," Paul O Rourke, spokesperson for Fast Track French (, explains.

When one learns to speak a second language, such as French, he or she expands their job opportunities. Bilingual speakers continue to be in high demand, as the world becomes smaller and more companies operate on the international stage. Mastering a second language provides one with a better understanding of the world, its many cultures, and their own language also.

O'Rourke points out, "More than 200 million people speak French throughout the world across five continents. French is an official language of 29 countries and it was deemed by Bloomberg Businessweek to be one of the top three most useful languages for business."

As Paul says, learning a second language offers many other benefits too, especially for those who wish to travel. If one can communicate with the locals. he or she will get so much more out of the experience. People often miss out when visiting other countries because they can't communicate with the locals, and yet it's the locals who know where's best to go and where should be avoided. Being able to fully converse in a second language eliminates these issues.

Research shows many fail to grasp the nuances that crop up in languages. No matter where one is in the world, each country will have some form of the subtle difference in the way they speak that can easily confuse a visitor who may take the phrase literally. Fast Track French addresses this issue.

"Native French teachers have a deep understanding of how the language is spoken on a day to day basis, so you will be learning modern day French in the way that it is spoken in real life situations. This will make your knowledge of the language much more real and up to date. For this reason, many are turning to Fast Track French," Paul declares.

About Fast Track French
Fast Track French offers French lessons via Skype with experienced native French teachers. One-on-one lessons tailored to individual student's needs means faster, more effective learning. Plus students are able to pick a time and place that's convenient for them.