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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Customized hCG Diet Plans, Equally Effective Yet Less Costly Than Invasive Bariatric Surgery

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans utilize a powerful natural hormone to mobilize entrenched fat stores, triggering healthy and fast weight loss while enabling patients to avoid the costs, side effects, and potential risks associated with Bariatric surgery.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Diet Doc utilizes a powerful natural hormone to mobilize fat stores in the body, capable of producing equal to or greater results than invasive and risky bariatric surgery without the associated complications of an intrusive medical procedure. Bariatric surgery can carry a price tag of over $30,000 and has no shortage of possible side effects including infection, gastric distress, and malnutrition. A Diet Doc prescription hCG diet can produce the same weight loss, yet relies only on the body’s natural ability to lose weight with a strictly adhered to nutrition plan and pure hCG treatments. The average Diet Doc hCG diet plan costs only a few hundred dollars, yet includes everything a patient needs to begin the journey to a healthier life by losing weight today.

The process begins with a complex, yet easily completed health evaluation, including physician-collected information pertaining to each patient’s age, gender, medical history, metabolic function, lifestyle, and activity level. Each of these individual factors differs between patients and plays a key role in the body’s ability to lose weight fast. Diet Doc’s specialists develop tailor-made hCG diet plans for each patient, considerate of each of these individual factors, virtually guaranteeing each patient’s success.

Before more exhaustive consideration, bariatric surgery may seem like an easy fix for a difficult problem. Clients often view this procedure as a simple way to counteract a lifetime of weight related struggles. However, bariatric surgery does not correct the problem; it merely addresses the symptoms of weight gain. A Diet Doc hCG weight loss diet address the cause of weight gain, namely genetics, like glandular or metabolic function that physically impair weight loss, or poor dietary habits, which lead to overeating or contribute to a lack of knowledge concerning proper nutrition.

Experts agree that those who lose weight in a responsible, healthy manner by incorporating healthy food choices into meal planning are more apt to enjoy continued diet success and maintenance. While bariatric surgery offers a seemingly quick fix to a complex problem, the authorities agree that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is with a complete change in lifestyle, similar to that of a Diet Doc hCG diet plan. Not only is bariatric surgery only masking the problem, it can also contribute to serious health hazards. According to a study conducted by Dr. Malgorzata Brzozowska at Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research, patients undergoing the more invasive bariatric surgeries that initially appear to trigger fast weight loss also suffered considerable bone loss. Dr. Brzozowska states in her study that this could possibly be due to changes in hormones released by the gut and fat and this impact on the central nervous system, as well as the body’s decreased ability to adequately absorb vital nutrients such as Vitamin D and calcium.

Over 98% of clients following Diet Doc’s patient specific, individualized hCG diet plans reported increased energy and no significant side effects, all while adhering to a low calorie meal plan and consistently losing weight. Diet Doc offers a host of fast weight loss services and products, each designed to complement the prescription hCG diet plan. These healthy diet aids include specially formulated vitamin and mineral supplement which are essential to all healthy diets, prescription strength diet pills to facilitate more rapid results, and a delicious collection of healthy and simple diet foods and snacks. Diet Doc’s fast weight loss specialists are dedicated to the safe and successful diet experience of each client and offer only prescription grade products, each manufactured in FDA approved pharmacies in the United States.

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Diet Doc has become the nation’s leader in doctor designed and medically supervised fast weight loss solutions and has helped thousands of Americans achieve their health goals, naturally and safely. Diet Doc offers a healthy and safe approach to fast weight loss by addressing the cause, not simply bandaging the symptoms. At a fraction of the cost of expensive bariatric surgery, Diet Doc has pricing plans available to fit even the tightest budget, making losing weight affordable to almost anyone, nationwide.

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