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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces New Pure MCT Oil Refined from Coconut Oil for Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc has formulated its new MCT oil, refined from natural but fatty coconut oil, now capable of producing fast weight loss in as little as 30 minutes after consumption.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/07/2013 -- Coconut oil is widely accepted as a great weight loss aid; however, not all coconut oil contains the potential to generate fast weight loss. Through a process of refinement, Diet Doc has isolated the substance in coconut oil that has been found to deliver the best results without disrupting a diet. This substance, now known as MCT (medium chain triglycerides) is what delivers fast weight loss from coconut oil, now refined by Diet Doc to 100 percent purity, capable of producing weight loss within 30 minutes of consumption. Diet Doc offers only pure MCT oil to patients across the nation, refined for optimal effectiveness and specifically designed to be used in unison with a low calorie hCG diet plan for safe and effective weight loss.

Coconut oil is being marketed by some stores as fast weight loss oil, but Diet Doc reminds consumers that unrefined coconut oil may instead actually contribute to weight gain. Diet Doc only provides pure refined MCT oil, eliminating the fat and calories that are abundant in unrefined Coconut oil. The resulting product is an amazing weight loss catalyst, capable of producing fast weight loss. In the refinement process, the oil is reduced to practically nothing but MCT (medium chain triglycerides), the ingredient in coconut oil that actually produces results. This concentrated MCT weight loss oil is flavorless, so it can be added to many foods, like vinaigrettes, or used as cooking oil without changing the taste of the food being eaten. Plain Coconut oil that is widely marketed for fast weight loss has not undergone MCT refinement, rendering it ineffectual and perhaps detrimental, as coconut oil is extremely fatty and will cause rapid weight gain if not refined into pure MCT oil.

Diet Doc has specifically formulated their proprietary MCT oil to contain the maximum amount of medium chain triglycerides, the main component that makes coconut oil a powerful diet catalyst. In removing the palmitic acid and other undesirable elements present in the oil, the extraction separates the medium-chain fatty acids. The end product is concentrated in 8-carbon length caprylic acid and 10-carbon length capric acid in a blended ratio of approximately 2 to 1. Glycerin removed in the initial extraction is returned and used to esterify the MCTs.

The result is oil that is referred to as a "fatless fat" by scientists. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition released studies suggesting that small changes in the quality of fat intake can be useful to enhance results. This means ingesting high quality fats like Diet Doc's MCT oil leads to greater energy expenditure than that of long-chain triglycerides. Pure MCT oil can be successfully used during dieting without compromising results, capable of both aiding initial fast weight loss and long term weight management. Diet Doc recommends high quality MCT oil to anyone interested in losing weight without compromising health and nutrition.

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