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Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Prescription Hormone Diet Plans That Are Now Pleasing to the Palate While Promoting Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc revamps its hormone diets to make them more delicious and satisfying, enabling patients to remain steadfast for long term fast weight loss.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Patients find Diet Doc’s uniquely designed prescription hormone diet plans pleasing to the palate while being low in carbohydrates, high in healthy, lean proteins and rich in essential nutrients, promoting fast weight loss and reduced health risks. With approximately 60-70% of Americans either overweight or obese, the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes are on the rise. In a report published by Medical News Today, the American Heart Association notes that nearly 78 million adults and 13 million children are affected by the growing obesity epidemic in America.

When the body’s weight is within a healthy range, blood is circulated more effectively and fluid levels are managed more easily, reducing the risk for countless weight related conditions, including certain types of cancers. Choosing a diet low in calories and saturated fats reduces the risk of heart disease by helping the body to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Combining decades of scientific research with the knowledge and expertise of a dedicated staff of board certified doctors, nurses and certified nutritionists, all educated in the science of healthy and fast weight loss, Diet Doc has designed prescription hormone diet plans that enable Americans to lose weight fast and permanently while enjoying healthy and nutritious meal plans. The experts at Diet Doc combine diet plans that are designed by certified nutritionists to be unique to each patient’s individual nutritional needs while being compatible with almost any medical conditions and fitting neatly into the patient’s lifestyle. These diet plans are rich in essential nutrients and provide dieters with nutritious food choices that are pleasing to the palate while low in carbohydrates and high in healthy, lean proteins.

Subsequent to a detailed medical evaluation and doctor consult, prescription hormone will be added to the diet plans and is administered under medical supervision in regulated doses. The combination of this dynamic duo stimulates the hypothalamus to trigger stores of old, trapped fat to be released into the bloodstream and burned when the body requires energy.

The company makes prescription hormone available to patients in three easy to use, convenient varieties. Due to its ability to promote more fast weight loss while preventing muscle loss, painless injectable hormone solution remains the most popular method of hormone delivery among patients. Injectable hormone solution has been formulated to include essential Vitamin B12, providing an energy boost for patients while also naturally suppressing the appetite. While most patients prefer this hormone method, others may prefer sublingual hormone tablets or oral hormone drops. Irrespective of the chosen method of prescription hormone delivery, patients report fast weight loss without suffering the typical dieting side effects, such as loss of energy or between meal cravings.

Diet Doc’s prescription strength hormone diet plan is the nation’s most successful all-inclusive fast diet program, encompassing the concentrated efforts of expert doctors, nurses and nutritionists working in partnership to develop a personalized fast weight loss plan specific to each patient. Diet Doc’s prescription strength hormone, combined with the uniquely designed, patient specific diet plans, has transformed the lives of thousands of Americans by providing them with the tools to lose weight rapidly, safely and permanently.

Each patient’s dieting journey is monitored and supervised by the staff of compassionate and dedicated fast weight loss experts who are available 6 days per week and eager to lend unlimited support, guidance and encouragement. This level of personal service allows any diet plateaus or barriers that may be obstructing fast weight loss to be quickly and easily identified and resolved.

In addition to prescription hormone, Diet Doc offers an impressive collection of essential prescription and non-prescription vitamin and mineral supplements, diet foods and snacks and diet pills to accelerate results. All prescription diet products are formulated specifically by our doctors for fast weight loss void of unpleasant side effects. To join the thousands that are enjoying freedom from the burden of unhealthy, unwanted and embarrassing excess weight, call the experts today to schedule a complementary and confidential consultation.

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