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Diet Doc offers customized diet programs for those desiring to take off those last difficult 10 pounds to those needing to lose 100 pounds or more.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Diet Doc realizes that a key ingredient in achieving fast weight loss is having a positive support system. When receiving treatment from Diet Doc, patients know that unlimited support is only a phone call or an email away with specially trained weight loss professionals available 6 days per week to offer unlimited support, consultation, guidance and encouragement. The company's compassionate fast weight loss staff is committed to providing all patients the necessary tools to lose weight fast and the education to maintain a healthy weight balance long after the initial fat has disappeared. Finding a diet provider who realizes the importance of support during dieting is the first secret to dieting success.

Another secret to weight loss success is productive dietary aids. Subsequent to a satisfactory health evaluation and physician consultation, patient specific diet programs will be created by certified nutritionists, considerate of the patient’s nutritional needs, as well as lifestyle and activity level. hCG will be prescribed in regulated doses to be used in conjunction with the patient’s individual diet programs. Each patient’s diet journey is medically supervised and monitored to assure the safest and fast weight loss. hCG, when used in combination with the patient’s personalized diet programs, works to accelerate weight loss, triggering the hypothalamus to release stored fat into the bloodstream, thus burning the stored fat for energy. Results typically occur in the most difficult to lose areas, such as the thighs, hips, underarms, and belly. Patients following Diet Doc’s hcg diet plan guidelines are experiencing a loss of up to one pound per day and 30 pounds per month of unwanted and unhealthy excess fat.

Because of its ability to produce fast weight loss, the preferred method of hCG delivery is injectable solution. This method has been reformulated and enhanced with Vitamin B12, providing an added energy boost for the patient. Prescription hCG is also available in sublingual tablets, as well as prescription grade oral hCG drops. Diet Doc’s prescription hCG is refined to a simple glycoprotein and is not synthetic, is not a metabolic steroid, is not a new growth hormone and is not a stimulant. hCG injectable solution contains a natural bio-identical hormone made from human sources. Though hCG is available on various internet sites, Diet Doc offers only prescription strength hCG, manufactured in FDA approved pharmacies in the United States.

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Diet Doc has become the leader in medically supervised diet plans and has helped thousands enjoy a future of improved health by losing pounds and inches. Diet Doc’s prescription strength hCG diet plans offer patients effective, sensible, and fast weight loss while avoiding the side effects and potential risks of invasive surgeries. At a fraction of the cost of most diet plans, the hCG Diet fits comfortably into almost any budget. Diet Doc is available for consultation nationwide via telephone or Skype, providing medically directed and fast weight loss to anyone who needs it.

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