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hCGtreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Fast Weight Loss Without Dangerous Bone Mass Loss

Recent studies have linked some gastric bypass surgeries to possible bone loss in some patients. Diet Doc announces an individualized hCG diet plan that produces equal weight loss to gastric bypass surgery, yet without bone loss or malnutrition.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- Gastric bypass surgery is extremely effective at producing fast weight loss, but at what price? A modernized and individualized hCG diet plan from Diet Doc offers equal results to invasive surgeries with little to no reported side effects. Researchers are calling for more studies to be conducted on the affect of gastric bypass and other invasive procedures on residual bone mass. Medicaldaily reported that " Even though we don't yet understand all the mechanisms, we can see that the more radical the procedure, the greater the bone loss long-term."

Studies further reveal that gastric bypass surgery affects more than just bone mass. A study of insurance claims of 2522 patients that underwent gastric bypass surgery revealed that 21.9% of patients experienced complications during the initial hospital stay and a total of 40% had a risk of complications in the subsequent 180 days. While advancements in medicine remain swift, so do complications associated with medical procedures. Serious infections like MRSA continue to be a concern, and so are the costs of weight loss surgeries. Lap band surgery can cost up to $30,000. An individualized prescription hCG diet from Diet Doc costs a few hundred dollars, but produces the same weight loss as surgery without any of the side effects. While there are preventative measures in place to prevent bone loss and other side-effects of the malnutrition that occurs after gastric bypass surgery, inherent risk will always be associated with any invasive procedure like infection, extreme discomfort, and severe internal trauma, none of which is associated with non-invasive diets.

Diet Doc offers a host of preventative measures to ensure health during fast weight loss. Losing weight fast is not without risk of malnutrition, but the company employs an abundance of safety measures to ensure that as their clients lose weight fast, they remain healthy and protected. Each client undergoes a thorough health screening by a Diet Doc weight loss physician wherein the physician assess the client for overall health and well-being before beginning any diet treatments. If a client's health is not well enough for treatment, physicians will recommend corrective measures to the client aimed at restoring health first and foremost. Diet Doc Medical Director, Dr. Nishant Rao, elaborates on Diet Doc's healthy dieting philosophy. Rao says that "Diet Doc's medical diet programs were developed to help people lose weight fast, safe and long term. What we offer is a life change that extends beyond the initial results. What people find out about themselves while on the personalized doctor designed diet plan is often life changing; therefore, the results are sustainable long term"

In order to ensure each clients health throughout any fast weight loss plan, paying attention to side effects associated with lowered caloric intake, the company has developed a complete line of nutrition products intended to work in conjunction with a prescription hCG diet. Each product offers a range of benefits from essential vitamin intake without compromising the Diet Doc low calorie diet, protein required to maintain muscle mass, supplements to aid the fast weight loss of a prescription hCG diet plan, or just delicious diet foods that offer decreased calories without compromising taste; Diet Doc products work to protect clients against dangerous side effects of low calorie diets like bone loss, now associated with invasive gastric bypass surgery. To further minimize the side effects of fast weight loss, Diet Doc completely modernized the original 500 calorie hCG diet plan to include as many as 1250 calories daily. Using modern nutrition science each calorie is maximized for health benefits, so dieters never consume empty calories, each is packed with nutrition from enhanced diet food, natural vitamin rich foods, and supplements. The result; 97% of clients report fast weight loss with little to zero side effects, making a Diet Doc hCG diet plan the most effective results available.

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