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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Prescription hCG Diet Plans Leading to a Lifetime of Better Health

Diet Doc offers its most advanced hCG diet plans capable of leading patients to a lifetime of improved health.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- A recent report form Science daily informs readers that weight loss, and more specifically, healthy long-term dietary changes can not only affect body weight, but actually alter the body genetically as well. According to a study in Cell Press, subjects who lost significant amounts of weight not only experienced changes in body fat content, but also experienced a change in the way their body burns fat at a genetic level, improving its ability to store sugars properly and burn fat. This genetic change offers hope to those who have struggled with obesity, increasing the body’s ability to lose and maintain weight loss exponentially as weight loss occurs.

In order to provide fast weight loss, now believed to permanently alter the way the body burns fat and stores sugars, Diet Doc offers prescription hCG diet plans, capable of producing weight loss of over one pound per day. Diet Doc has worked tirelessly to advance and improve the original, controversial hCG diet protocol discovered in 1954. Over the last decade, the company has managed to create the most modernized, modified, and healthy version of the hCG diet plan in the nation, allowing patients higher caloric intake, increased nutrition during dieting, and unlimited clinical support available six days per week.

A Diet Doc hCG diet plan consists of an initial clinical evaluation, conducted with expert weight loss physicians via telephone or Skype. After this evaluation, the company’s in-house physicians and nutritionists design a customized nutrition and prescription hCG treatment plan for each individual patient, with concern for the patient’s dietary and nutritional needs, health history and current health considerations, and proper supplementation to balance metabolism and prevent possible side effects during dieting. The finished product is a custom tailored and individualized hCG diet plan based on all relevant patient factors such as health, age, gender, and personal preferences. Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans have proven successful in over 98% of patients, providing fast weight loss free from harmful side effects and positively distinguishing its self from the outdated, risky, and controversial original Simeons hCG diet.

Subsequent to an extensive medical evaluation and doctor consultation, hCG will be prescribed to be used in conjunction with a patient specific diet plan developed by certified nutritionists. Available in injectable solution, sublingual tablets and oral drops, the most preferred method of prescription hCG delivery is injectable solution due to its ability to quickly deliver medication to the bloodstream, as well as being fortified with Vitamin B12, offering dieters an additional source of energy. Regardless of the method of delivery, dieters can anticipate fast weight loss without suffering hunger pangs or cravings. hCG naturally triggers the hypothalamus to release stored fat into the bloodstream to be easily burned for energy, as well as naturally suppresses the appetite and prevents muscle loss during dieting. Patients following the guidelines of Diet doc’s prescription hCG diet plans are excitedly boasting a loss of up to one pound per day of unwanted, unhealthy and embarrassing excess fat.

By combining the expertise and knowledge of specially trained fast weight loss doctors, nurses and nutritionists, creating personalized hCG diet plans specific to each patient’s dietary and nutritional needs, providing dieters with pure prescription strength hCG, and supervising each patient’s diet journey, Diet Doc has helped thousands lose weight safely and successfully. Now with new studies revealing the snowball effect that weight loss can have on a person, Diet Doc offers a simple, permanent solution for those struggling with obesity.

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