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hCG Treatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Announces Customized Diet Plans That Target Trapped Abdominal Fat, Now Thought to Help Sharpen Cognitive Skills

Diet Doc's specially trained nutritionists design customized diet plans unique to each patient, that trigger the body to burn trapped belly fat, now believed to help prevent dementia and lead to sharpened thinking skills.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- With over one third of the American population considered obese, this epidemic is among one of the greatest challenges facing the country. Countless diseases and conditions are linked to obesity, but only recently have studies revealed that being obese may also impair one's cognitive abilities with research revealing that carrying greater amounts of abdominal fat can actually be linked to reduced memory, problem solving skills, and poor cognitive performance. With effective weight loss determined to be the most proactive method to prevent obesity linked cognitive decline, Diet Doc offers its most advanced hCG diet plans, capable of shedding over one pound per day of excess fat.

Diet Doc offers the most advanced version of the hCG diet, modernized and modified, and now able to trigger weight loss of over one pound per day, typically in the most difficult to target areas of the body. Decades of fast weight loss research reveals that pure, prescription strength hCG, when coupled with nutrient-rich diet plans, has the ability to stimulate the hypothalamus to target years of stored and trapped fat, releasing it into the bloodstream to be burned as a primary source of energy, slimming the waist and now adding improved cognitive function to the list of benefits. With a Diet Doc hCG diet plan, years of trapped belly fat is disposed of naturally, now proving beneficial to healthy brain function.

Diet Doc remains steadfast in its commitment to offer only the purest prescription products providing the safest and most effective means of fast weight loss available on today's market. The specially trained doctors ensure that patients experience the safest and most satisfying weight loss by performing a simple, yet detailed, medical evaluation of each potential patient, identifying any factors that may hinder the process of fast weight loss, and finally creating personalized diet plans based on the individual patient’s needs and goals.

The physicians at Diet Doc are experts in the science of healthy and fast weight loss and intimately understand how the body responds to prescription hCG in relation to dieting. Diet Doc's nutritionists receive specialized training in creating customized hCG diet plans, stripping off excess fat in a safe and natural way. The professionals at Diet Doc provide only prescription diet medication, focusing on helping patients prevent a number of weight related health issues, including the risk for dementia and reduced cognition, through fast weight loss. Tailor made diet plans, unique to each patient and their specific nutritional needs are created to fit every lifestyle, addressing any health concern. The customized diet plans, along with a Diet Doc hCG compatible recipe book, make meal planning simple, exciting, and interesting to follow.

Each patient's fast weight loss journey is medically supervised and monitored with constant communication between patients and expert staff, including physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and diet coaches. Diet Doc's support team is available Monday through Saturday for consultation and to lend unlimited guidance, encouragement and support to assure safe and successful weight loss, as well as long term weight maintenance. Diet Doc's prescription hCG diet plans have produced healthy weight loss for over 97 percent of patients nationwide, targeting the body’s stored fat deposits and melting away pounds and inches, which has recently been linked to an increase brain function and reduce the risk of dementia.

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Available nationwide via Telemedicine, Diet Doc’ prescription hCG diet plans are a safe and affordable alternative to invasive, expensive, and risky surgical procedures and ineffective yo-yo diets. Diet Doc has formulated a safe method for fast weight loss and is constantly looking for new ways to further enhance the effectiveness of their prescription hCG diets, quickly becoming the most reliable diet in the country.

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