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Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Diet Doc has spent years updating and perfecting the outdated original hCG diet plans, first introduced in 1954. Originally, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons discovered that hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, was effective in producing fast weight loss when administered in small doses and used in conjunction with an extremely low daily caloric intake. However, the dangerously low calorie original hCG diet compromised the patient’s health, only allowing 500 calories daily. Over the years, Diet Doc researched the hCG hormone and now offers the Nation’s leading modern day version of the original hCG diet. This improved, modified and modernized hCG diet plan offers the patient more than double the daily caloric intake of the original hCG diet, making its prescription hCG diet a safe and proven method to quickly lose unwanted, unhealthy fat.

Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists design an individualized, patient specific diet plan for each client after an extensive evaluation has been completed to assure that prescription hCG is the most beneficial diet alternative. The evaluation is considerate of the patient’s medical history, medications, age, gender, lifestyle, and anticipated fast weight loss goals. Diet Doc’s specially trained weight loss physicians will prescribe hCG, which is available in injection form, which is the most popular method of delivery due to its fast weight loss benefits, oral drops or sublingual tablets. The company also offers an impressive collection of essential vitamins, minerals and prescription weight loss supplements specifically designed to accelerate fat burning with little to no side effects to the patient. Prescription strength hCG, as well as Diet Doc’s supplements are not available in stores and are only available by prescription to Diet Doc patients, easily available after free consultation.

Diet Doc’s weight loss team is comprised of specially trained medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches who will monitor each patient’s progress to assure a safe and successful weight loss experience. Consultants are available to Diet Doc clients 6 days per week to lend unlimited support, guidance and encouragement for up to one year to assure fast weight loss management and maintenance.

Diet Doc is proud to have helped thousands of Americans achieve diet goals and have educated each patient in the importance of making healthy food choices and maintaining a healthy weight balance to assure a future of good health. Being overweight not only enhances the risk of weight related disease, but can impact one’s entire quality of life and lead to lifelong health problems. Diet Doc’s dedicated medical fast weight loss professionals are committed to providing patients the necessary tools to lose weight fast and work collectively to ensure a safe and fast weight loss journey for enduring diet success.

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