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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets and Weight Loss Plans Offers the Most Advanced Diet Plan to Achieve Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s medically supervised, prescription hCG diet program allows clients to lose weight at an amazing pace, resetting the metabolism and melting away unwanted and unhealthy fat deposits more effectively then even invasive surgeries.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plan involves the use of prescription grade hCG in the form of injections or sublingual tablets combined with a low calorie diet. Absorption of hCG by the body varies with each delivery method, with the highest absorption seen with injectable hCG. Diet Doc is a medically supervised diet plan offering the expertise of specially trained doctors, nurses and nutritionists, working hand in hand to help each client safely achieve fast weight loss goals. Clients are never in this alone and the committed staff is available 6 days per week to provide unlimited support, guidance and encouragement.

Diet Doc clients are initially subjected to a thorough medical evaluation of medical history, age, gender and lifestyle. Upon Diet Doc physician approval, the administration of prescription hCG will begin, with the majority of Diet Doc clients receiving hCG once per day. Phase 1, referred to as the "loading" days, focuses on two days of high calorie and high fat intake. This phase is intended to spike the dieter’s metabolism and serve as a fat induction to facilitate the transition into ketosis that occurs in Phase 2 and 3. Consider snapping a “before” picture at this time, as well as beginning a diet journal to record weight and measurement changes each morning.

Phase 2 of Diet Doc’s hCG diet plan begins on day 3 and marks the beginning of the fast weight loss period with the dieter starting the low calorie diet. The keto-adaptation process will begin with the body's metabolism shifting, triggered by a drop in the insulin levels, reduction in dietary net carbohydrates, and glycogen depletion. Dieters may feel a bit more tired with lower energy levels and may feel hungry as their body transitions. The patient will remain on the 700-1000 calorie per day diet until the completion of phase 3. To avoid fatigue, in-house physicians can recommend supplements and proprietary all natural diet pills to increase energy levels and boost metabolism.

Phase 3 generally lasts between 1-3 months with the patient consuming a low carbohydrate, low calorie diet with prescription hCG continuing to be administered. The body is now keto-adapted and fast weight loss is stable and consistent. Ketones are now the primary source of fuel and the body is now burning stored excess fat. The duration of phase 3 is dependent on the client’s goals and metabolic capacity.

Before beginning phase 4 of the hCG diet plan, the patient will be instructed to discontinue hCG. During this phase, normal foods and carbohydrates are reintroduced. Phase 4 lasts between 3-4 weeks with the dieter gradually increasing daily caloric intake. The dieter is encouraged to schedule a maintenance appointment during which the patient’s daily calorie needs will be calculated based upon the BMR (basal metabolic rate) and activity level, making meal planning quick and simple. In order to avoid the return of weight, at completion of Diet Doc’s prescription hCG weight loss plan, patients are strongly encouraged to avoid processed, junk and fast foods and to stay faithful to the new standard of healthy living that has been chosen. This all-inclusive fast weight loss plan is available nationwide with Telemedicine, a system that allows patients across the country to connect with the bet weight loss physicians and diet providers.

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