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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduces Prescription hCG Diet Plan with More Calories Permitted Daily

Diet Doc’s innovative new hCG diet plans allow for over 1200 calories daily, an innovative new approach to the outdated Simeons, 500 calorie hCG protocol.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- One of the only concerns that dieters and physicians express when considering the hCG diet is the restrictive daily calorie allowance often prescribed by diet practitioners. Nearly all hCG diet plans that claim to be “modernized” actually still adhere to the outdated Dr. Simeons hCG protocol, allowing only 500 calories consumed daily and often leading to malnourishment despite the proficiency of pure hCG to mobilize fat stores and avert malnutrition. With the utmost concern for patient health, Diet Doc has designed a modernized version of the powerful hCG diet; not simply allowing more calories to patients, but providing improved nutritional content for optimal health during dieting. Diet Doc refers to this hCG protocol as the “modernized hCG diet plan”, still capable of producing fast weight loss, but without health concerns usually associated with an outdated, often derided 500 calorie Simeons diet.

The Company’s new modernized diet plans offer many benefits to patients, as opposed to the outdated 500 calorie hCG diets that other practitioners provide. A Diet Doc hCG weight loss diet revolves around patient health. Every decision made, whether considering daily caloric limits to achieve optimal results, dietary choices specific to patient needs and wants, or prescription dosages, the company’s team of experts custom designs a diet plan tailored around every patient, specifically designed to coincide with individual patient factors. These factors, once established by an in-house physician, can range from patient age, gender, and current health state to mobility concerns, exercise limitations, or even personal preferences and weight loss goals. The result is fast weight loss without limiting patient’s to dangerously low caloric intake or subjection to persistent hunger and discomfort.

Diet Doc has utilized the latest advancements in nutritional science to develop individualized diet plans that produce fast weight loss, yet still allow clients to receive adequate nourishment. hCG is touted for its ability to target abnormal fat deposits providing fuel for the body to burn, while simultaneously generating feelings of satiety as clients follow the diet plan and lose weight fast. Initially discovered in 1954, the original hCG protocol is still followed by Diet Doc's competitors, either unable or lacking desire to use modern science to advance the hCG diet's capabilities. This is where Diet Doc leads the field. The company employs a host of nutritional experts, physicians, nurses, and weight loss counselors in an effort to provide the nation’s most effective and healthy prescription diet plans. Diet Doc Medical Director, Nishant Rao states that "Many prescription hCG clinics give the hCG diet a bad name by not continually trying to improve upon outdated science; they stick to a 58 year old protocol of 500 calories, which is extremely unhealthy and can actually cause cardiac arrest. At Diet Doc, we strive to constantly advance our prescription diet to coincide with patient needs while still producing adequate results, and the most effective weight loss available through modern science. We combine nutrition with weight loss in an effort to produce the best weight loss for today, and an enduring healthy lifestyle for the future."

The modernized, scientifically advanced hCG diet from Diet Doc allows for up to 1250 calories daily, increased variety of weight loss foods, and American produced 99.99% pure prescription hCG treatments. Gone are the days of malnutrition, crash diets, fad diets, surgery, or any other unhealthy methods to lose weight fast. With a modernized prescription hCG plan from Diet Doc, clients receive the highest level of services, for the most reasonable cost, with pricing plans available nationwide.

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