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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans Offers Miracle Noodles, Fat and Calorie Free Weight Loss Noodles to Accommodate the hCG Diet


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Why should dieting have to be so bland and boring? Miracle Noodles offer a new, guilt free and fun solution to boring diets with zero calorie, zero fat Asian and Italian style noodles certain to produce fast weight loss when coupled with a Diet Doc hCG diet.

Every so often, a miracle will happen. Miracle Noodles appear to be such a thing. Originally produced in Japan, Miracle Noodles are a healthy way for those addicted to delicious pasta, rice, and rice noodles to fulfill hankerings for starchy and carb-laden pastas without deviating from a weight loss diet. Caloriecount confirms that a single serving (1 cup only) of regular cooked rice noodles contains 192 calories, consisting of almost nothing but carbohydrates. Each serving of regular cooked rice noodles contains 43.8g of carbohydrates, or 175 calories just from carbohydrates. Since there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, and 4 calories in a gram of carbohydrate, eating regular cooked rice noodles constitute 1/5 of a pound of possible fat that can be removed from a diet simply by replacing them with Miracle Noodles. Contrastingly, Miracle Noodles are made of naturally water soluble fiber and are fat free, carbohydrate free, what and gluten free, kosher, and contain 0 calories. Miracle Noodles do not need to be cooked, simply pour tepid water over them and mix with heated sauce to make guilt free noodle dishes that actually compliment a weight loss diet rather than destroy it.

Diet Doc now offers Miracle Noodles in many varieties as a weight loss compliment a prescription hCG diet plan, allowing clients to eat tasty pasta dishes without cheating on their weight loss diet. Diet Doc offers the nation's most affordable hCG diet, and by becoming a Miracle Noodle affiliate, is now able to couple this revolutionary fast weight loss product with a proven hCG diet for fast weight loss. While on an hCG diet from Diet Doc, clients will have access to all the weight loss tools available with the hCG diet, along with healthy diet foods like Miracle Noodles that offer easy meal planning with little effort, just the right thing to keep a weary dieter on the right path to fast weight loss. Diet Doc offers Miracle Noodles in a variety of styles and flavors like fettuccini, garlic herb, angel hair, spinach, black shirataki, and standard Asian rice noodles. Miracle Noodles from Diet Doc are made of a natural healthy fiber that is water soluble, so dieters can prepare great tasting meals, quickly and without the guilt that accompanies calorie packed rice noodle dishes. These Miracle Noodles constitute only a small portion of the support that Diet Doc Weight Loss offers clients. Diet Doc's physicians and nutritionists can custom tailor a weight loss diet for every client, taking in certain factors like age, health, and weight loss goals before determining the best weight loss for each client. This usually consists of low-carb, low fat foods like Miracle Noodles, making this product a perfect complement to the Diet Doc stable of weight loss diets.

If interested in discovering the miracle behind Miracle Noodles, more information can be found on Diet Doc's website. Simply click the link and discover how eating healthy and losing weight does not have to be arduous, complicated, or slow. Diet Doc offers a proven weight loss solution called the hCG diet, which consists of prescription hCG treatments, a physician created, carefully monitored nutrition diet, and constant support via checkups and consultations.

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