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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Adds the Paleo Diet to Their Fast Weight Loss Plan


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2013 -- Diet Doc has added the Paleo Diet, another diet program that has a logical clinical backing when it comes to triggering rapid fat loss. The Paleo Diet provides clients optimal nutrition while helping them lose weight fast by allowing them to eat only green vegetables and lean animal protein, and avoiding grains, legumes, dairy, and refined sugars. This diet includes the same food groups that were available to humans over 10,000 years ago in the Paleolithic era.

While most programs demand frequent and intense workouts at the gym, the prescription hCG diet plan enables people to lose pounds without heavy workouts. Diet Doc has formulated a diet plan in which exercise is actually discouraged, so as to not force the body into starvation mode, resulting in more results. By incorporating the best of all science based diets, Diet Doc has created a unique fast weight loss program that offers patients the safest way to achieve extreme results without resorting to invasive surgeries and procedures.

To ensure that each and every patient who follows their program accomplishes the desired results, only trained and qualified doctors and nutritionists take them through the program while offering each all the support necessary during the process. Fast weight loss coaches and nutritional counselors are assigned to each patient to keep track of their progress via weekly phone calls and they are available six days a week for consultation. Diet Doc combines the most successful aspects of the most popular diets into one master fast weight loss plan for every client. The Diet Doc service includes a detailed medical evaluation followed by the creation of the individualized diet plan based on the patient’s health history, age, gender and lifestyle.

This diet plan offers the combined advantages of the best diet plans for safe and fast weight loss with no side effects. Without feeling hungry or complaining of fatigue or starvation, patients start losing weight because of this natural program that melts away abnormal fat deposits on the body and resets the metabolism. The only modernized version of the hCG weight loss diet available in the nation today combines the fat burning potential of prescription hCG injections or sub-lingual tablets and drops with an 850-1250 calories per day regimen to produce fast weight loss of 1 pound per day. With the integration of the Paleo Diet, they are now offering the combined benefits of the best diets that not only help people achieve their ideal weight but also help them improve their health.

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