Joe Bragg Offers Performance Boosting Solid State Drives for Laptops and PC


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- Hard Disk Drives are the traditional method of storage for PC’s and Laptops, using rotating magnetic disks and magnetic heads that write and read the information stored there. These are prone to wearing out with excessive use, as well as being limited by their RPM in terms of how much data they can transfer. With the falling costs of Solid State Drives (SSD’s), many are turning to the SSD as an alternative to the HDD. Fast Drive 24 offers some of the best models available from the world’s leading manufacturers, at competitive prices.

The Solid State Drive uses integrated circuit assemblies to create persistent memory, and as a result has much higher data transfer, writing and rewriting rates than traditional hard drives. This translates to increased performance when using a PC or Laptop in several functions requiring high transfer rates, such as downloading and uploading files, video watching and editing, graphics rendering, 3D modeling and other high end applications.

Fast Drive 24 has reviews of 18 manufacturers and over 50 different products, and the number is growing every day. The reviews are published in a minimalist, data-driven format, allowing users to easily appreciate the advantages of each product and easily compare it to that of a competitor. The reviews begin with an introduction of the product in the context of the wider technological landscape, drawing parallels where necessary to the competition and pointing out unique features. The reviewer’s experience of the product in use is then detailed, as well as the technical specifications of the product, and the price. In most cases, a discounted price is available through Fast Drive 24 on Amazon, saving users a significant chunk on their purchases. Some of the sites most popular editorial content includes “how to speed up your environment with a fast SSD” and “Find the Top 5 Laptop SSD's” with each piece of content having been viewed tens of thousands of times.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We’re passionate about our technology writing, and Solid State Drives are some of the most exciting developments in computing now the prices are falling consistently below the $1 per gigabyte mark. As these technologies become more accessible to more people, this information can only get more valuable. ”

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Solid State Drives increase performance speed because unlike a Hard Drive, which spins at a designated RPM that limits its speed, information transfer on a Solid State is instant and unmoving, making data transfer and access faster than ever. Fast Drive 24 reviews and summarizes the best quality SSDs on the market to give consumers an expert edge. For more information, please visit: