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Fastest Growing Sector in Global Welding Consumables Market 2014-2025

Global Welding Consumables Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2025.


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2017 -- Global Welding Consumables Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2017 to 2025. Welding is a fabrication method used to join materials like metals and thermoplastics through fusion. In this process, the base metal is melted by application of heat or pressure. Once melted, a filler material is then added to the joint to form a weld pool. The weld pool upon solidification forms a joint that is usually stronger than the base metal. Arc welding is the most common technique used for welding. Welding consumables generally comprise of electrodes, filler materials, and gases used during the welding process.

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Based on welding technique, the Welding Consumables Market is divided into arc welding, resistance welding, oxyfuel welding, ultrasonic welding, and others (laser beam welding). Arc welding is further sub- divided into gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, flux-cored arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, and others. According to the consumable type, the market is segmented into stick electrodes solid wires, flux-cored wires, SAW wires, fluxes, and others (gases such as He and Ar). Based on end-use industry, the market is segmented into automotive, aerospace, building & construction, marine, oil & gas, power, and others (repair & maintenance). Geographic breakdown and deep analysis of each of the aforesaid segments is included for North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

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Welding Consumables Market Dynamics:


Growing construction industry, especially in the emerging economies of Asia-Pacific region, is expected to drive the demand for welding consumables

Increasing application areas of welding consumables have also fueled the demand in recent years


Slow adoption of advanced technologies in the developing countries is expected to hinder the market growth

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Table Of Contents:
1. Executive summary
1.1. Key Findings
1.2. Market Attractiveness and Trend analysis
1.3. Competitive Landscape and recent industry development analysis
2. Introduction
2.1. Report Description
2.2. Scope and Definitions
2.3. Research Methodology
3. Market landscape
3.1. Growth Drivers
3.1.1. Impact Analysis
3.2. Restrains and Challenges
4. Market by Welding Technique
4.1. Arc Welding
4.1.1. Historical Market Size by Region, 2014-2016
4.1.2. Market Forecast by Region, 2017-2025
4.1.3. Gas Metal Arc Welding
5. Market by Consumable Type
5.1. Stick Electrodes
5.1.1. Historical Market Size by Region, 2014-2016
5.1.2. Market Forecast by Region, 2017-2025
5.2. Solid Wiresfa