Fastest Way to Fix Credit Score - How Quickly Credit Report Can Improve

Here’s the situation: A woman needs to get a new vehicle, but her credit is not very good so finding financing that doesn't have outrageous interest rates is difficult. What she needs is some idea of the fastest way to fix credit so she can get that new car.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Luckily for her, has plenty of tips to share with her about this, including:

- Paying off Debt
- Borrowing Funds
- Credit Repair Companies
- Merging Debts

Eliminate Debt

One of the fastest way(s) to fix your credit is to pay it off. Start this process by contacting one’s creditors to see if they’ll be willing to lower interest rates or reduce the principal of the debt owed to them. Creditors are usually able to work something out with concerned debtors; however, they can’t help if they’re unaware of a problem. Give them a call or send them a letter explaining why there’s a financial issue so they’re more inclined to come to a mutually acceptable solution.

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Ask for Help

Generally, the fastest way to fix poor credit is to run into a large enough sum of money to eradicate debt in one fell swoop. Because that’s unlikely to happen, another way is to ask for assistance from family members or good friends. These are great lenders, as long as they can afford to do it, because they don’t charge interest or set a specific repayment schedule. If someone can provide one with enough cash to get rid of one’s debt all at once, what a relief that would be!

Hiring a Credit Repair Company

To facilitate the fastest way to fix your credit, hire a credit restoration business. These companies will contact their clients’ creditors to work out reasonable agreements, help a client obtain copies of his credit reports, and keep tabs on the reports for him. A person can do this himself, but if utilizing pros makes him feel better, okay. These companies do charge fees, so he must look into them first and then decide if using the business is worth the price.

Getting Debt under One Roof

Debt consolidation is on the route to the fastest way to fix bad credit. This means getting all of one’s debts together and obtaining a debt consolidation loan that will leave one with one affordable payment each month and will pay off one’s debts. As with any business, the lender will charge fees for this service, but it can be very helpful to consolidate every debt under one loan.

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