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FastWay Bail Bonds Announces New, Even More Attractive and Accessible Payment Plans

New payment options will help even more Orange County residents arrange for affordable, top-quality bail services without hardship or inconvenience, FastWay Bail Bonds reports


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- FastWay Bail Bonds announced the availability of a variety of new, more flexible payment plans for those who make use of the company's services. Thanks to new arrangements with leading financing companies, FastWay will now be able to extend such offers to a far greater portion of the company's clients, a development that will ensure that posting bail in the Huntington Beach area will be more convenient and practical for many who are arrested.

FastWay Bail Bonds is a leading Orange County bail bond service and has received special recognition from a variety of sources for the quality and affordability of the company's services.

"We work hard here at FastWay Bail Bonds to make sure that we can serve our valued customers as best as possible," company representative Doug Dearing said, "and our new payment plan options are going to make our services even more economical and convenient than before."

At any given time in the United States, around 60% of those held in county jails are there awaiting trial, instead of serving time for crimes they were convicted of. Holding these accused but still untried citizens in this way costs counties across the country over $9 billion annually, an especially substantial sum in light of how many county budgets are already stretched thin.

FastWay Bail Bonds helps to combat this problem in the Orange County area by making it far easier for the criminally accused to post the surety bonds that courts demand in exchange for allowing them to go free until their trial dates. In exchange for posting bail bonds on behalf of clients, FastWay Bail Bonds normally requires a modest initial payment, as well as some form of collateral to cover the rest of the bond total. FastWay's new payment plans will make it easier than ever for those held in jail in Orange County to post their bonds, since less in the way of upfront cash will be required to take advantage of the company's services.

"After years of being Huntingon Beach's most respected and reliable bail bond service," Dearing concluded, "we're glad to be able to up the ante yet again with our new, more flexible payment plan options.

We will continue to strive to serve Orange County residents to an ever-increasing standard." FastWay Bail Bonds' services can be arranged for through simple, free, no-obligation phone consultations at any time of the day or through the use of a straightforward form on the company's website, where a variety of informational articles answer such common questions as "how do bondsmen make money?"

The new payment-plan options that the company has just begun offering are among the most generous and accessible in the bail services industry.

About FastWay Bail Bonds:
Huntington Beach's top bail bond service, FastWay Bail Bonds couples reliable, top quality customer service and speed of execution with some of the industry's most flexible and generous payment-plan options.