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Fat Joe, Wiz Khalifa, and Teyana Taylor to Feature "Hater App," the New Social Media iOS Mobile App Allowing Users to Hate on Things They Dislike, in Their New Music Video "Ballin"


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Hater app provides a social networking platform for users to express themselves by sharing the things they hate with the people they love. Upon release, the concept drew the attention of rapper Fat Joe, leading to a feature in his upcoming music video with Wiz Khalifa and Teyana Taylor. After the success of Hater’s MVP soft launch at SXSW the Venice, California, based start-up Hater-App Inc. has spent the last six weeks addressing feedback to improve the user experience, picture quality, user options, and management team. Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Batey, says the new improvements include easy login, photo options, usability improvements, and celebrity endorsements. This exciting new mobile app has disrupted the social networking landscape since its release in March. The updated Hater App will be unveiled at New York Tech Day and TechCrunch on April 25 and 29, 2013, respectively.

Chief Executive Officer Jake Banks says, “You don’t always have to like something, and the option to hate or dislike has been missing out there. Everyone has something they hate; now you can and it’s better than therapy.” Hater aims to provide an outlet for your daily dislike, Hates, frustrations, or world issues like hunger, global warming, or gun violence. Jake Banks believes Hating can create awareness and inspire change. Los Angeles Times writer Andrea Chang states, “Haters, we think you’re going to like this. The Concept is simple: For those of you who are sick of only getting to ‘like’ something on Facebook and other social networks, now there’s an app specifically for all the things you can’t stand.” Mashable called it one of the, “8 Standout Apps From March,” while the Wall Street Journal stated, “Hater: The app you’ll love to hate.” Click Link to see a video of Jake Banks on Wall Street Journal Live:!EC6F3628-0A02-4BE2-B389-FBBDF1D95080

About Hater-App Inc.
Hater-App Inc. is a “Venice Originals” privately owned corporation operating from Venice Beach, California. Part of Hater’s vision is to use the app to create awareness for causes, not just everyday annoyances. Hate the fact that 14 million children in America suffer from hunger. Hate it so much that it inspires change. To follow Hater: Twitter @HaterApp; Instagram @HaterApp; Facebook @Hater-App; Visit their website at For Free iTunes Download Link Sent Directly To iPhone Text “Hater” to 55678.

Contact: Andrew Batey
Phone: (818) 238-7181