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Fat Loss Factor Launches New Diet Program Online at Mejoresdietasx.com and Fatlossfactortraining


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- Fat loss factor has introduced their latest and improved weight loss system named Fat Loss Factor at mejoresdietasx.com and fatlossfactortraining.com.

Founders of Fat Loss Factor Inc have come together again for their latest diet plan named Fat Loss Factor. Trying to focus on niche market of dieta para emagrecer in Brazil the company has launched a Portuguese version of the parent site. The company claims that the program will give permanent results differentiating it from other pills and other diet programs with temporary gains. As a first, the websites feature videos created by weight loss enthusiasts, covering their journey with the program.

When asked about how this weight loss program works, Charles Greenwood, media representative of the company said “With decades of team experience and having had considerable success with our earlier programs, we have essentially condensed the best parts of all of programs into this all-in-one dietas para emagrecer. We have focused on natural and rather easily do-able healthy habits which will give permanent results. This is in contrast with the lure of temporary results achieved with diet pills which do nothing to change the eating habits of the consumer.”

The websites feature social integration with Facebook and Twitter channels enabling customers to share their views about the products. Detailing their approach Mr Greenwood said “Fat loss factor does not require one to use any magic pills or potentially harmful chemicals. It is a process which works by removing toxins from your body by a diet validated by physicians and tested by our top trainers. The program features a series of exercises which have been used by our trainers to help clients lose weight. The program has been extensively tested for benefits and ease of use. As a first for us, we are focusing on user generated content to advocate our program through social media. ”

As an introductory offer, the website also announced free download of their diet guide ‘Food Factor’ featuring extensive information on foods for weight loss and with host of healthy recipes. To the question of engagement with customers Mr Greenwood said” We have a chat based online support service, where the customer can get their doubts clarified. We follow our company pages on most social networking sites where the customers generally post their queries and our website also hosts a customer support blog named fat loss factor review where we encourage diet enthusiasts to share their experiences with our program.”

About Fat Loss Factor Inc
Fat Loss Factor Inc parent company of http://fatlossfactortraining.com/ and http://mejoresdietasx.com/ operates from Miami, Florida. The company has been in the fat loss and diet industry for over five years. The company claims to have helped over 2000 people with their weight problems. The founders, dietician expert themselves have extensive experience in the industry and have previously introduced many award winning diet plans.

If you’d like more information about this Fat loss Factor Diet plan, or to schedule a meeting an interview with founders of Fat Loss Factor Inc, please contact Charles Greenwood via email at media@fatlossfactortraining.com