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Fat Loss Factor Review Commends Dr. Charles Livingston

Dr. Michael Livingston releases a comprehensive diet and exercise regime .


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2012 -- A Fat Loss Factor review of the weight loss and master cleanse program has been revealed to the public. reveals delves into the inner workings of Fat Loss Factor to see if it really can deliver on its promises.

The program works on the following strategies: a two week detox as a preparation to the Fat Loss Factor program where people eat only organic fruits and vegetables, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Maximum Fat Burning aided by eating small meals many times a day, and Strength Training. Water that is an often missed out component of a good diet is also included in the program as it not only washes the toxins from the body, but it actively aids it to metabolize and get rid of stored fat.

Fat Loss Factor is not a cleansing program, however. It is a training system meant to teach people how to approach their lifestyle and adopt healthier ways of thinking about food and exercise. Consumers are encouraged to eat small meals regularly.

The package comes with several items, including ebooks and DVDs. Customers start by recording their weight and measurements which they accompany with a photograph. This will provide a regular means of comparing the past body with the current one as well as the encouragement to keep going with the diet.

The reaction from your body will be to reduce your testosterone level. One of the most common places where soy shows up is in different bars and various protein powders, so please be sure to look at the ingredients before purchasing those products (or any other product).

The Fat Loss Factor is a brand new system for weight loss that has been just exploding on the net. If you’ve been looking for the real deal in weight loss, and are sick of all those snake oil salesman pushing the latest pill invented in some lab or berry found deep in the jungle, then you may have finally stumbled upon what some people are calling the Holy Grail of Weight Loss

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