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Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Dr. Charles Livingston is a certified healthy living practitioner as well as a certified nutritionist and chiropractic physician. He developed the program after collaborating with other doctors and physicians who have expertise in the realm of weight loss and healthy living. Because Dr. Livingston’s system proved to be so effective at helping patients lose weight and shed excess pounds, he decided to market his system on the internet to a much wider audience in the hope of helping ordinary Americans lose weight and get into shape which will prove by reading Fat Loss Factor Review. This program was born soon thereafter and consists of a series of eBooks and online videos which explain everything from how metabolism works and what steps need to be taken in order to lose weight. Also included are a variety of diet and meal plans, as well as exercise routines that are the most effective at speeding up the metabolic rate, thus enabling fast weight loss.

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While other products market themselves as a “weight loss miracle in a pill”, the Fat Loss Factor is a complete system that utilizes natural supplements and foods, along with changes in diet and exercise routines to achieve drastic weight loss results. This product stresses the importance of eating the right foods while exercising more, which almost always results in constant and regular weight loss.

The program starts with a two week detox phase that is meant to remove toxins and poison from the body, and also to shock the body into losing weight. This detox phase is not a total fast, although food intake is drastically reduced, and water intake is increased.

Instead of totally eliminating the intake of food, the program advises people to start eating healthier foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and beans. These foods have special chemicals and compounds contained within them that remove toxins from your body that hinder weight loss and slow down metabolism. After these toxins are removed weight loss becomes much easier as the metabolism will not be hindered. After you have completed the two week detox phase, you will notice your body feels much healthier and that your metabolism has sped up. You will also notice some weight already starting to fall off, although the next phase is when your body really starts to shed the pounds.

The ten week regular phase is followed by the two week detox phase. During the regular phase, you must continue to consume large amounts of water to continue detoxing your body. The water also helps wash away excess fat and remove harmful toxins found in fat and liver cells. The materials included in the course describe in extensive detail the benefits associated with detoxing your body using only water and healthy foods. You will also learn about how eating smaller, but more regular meals during the day that tricks your body into burning through its fat supplies, without having to starve yourself.

Since the majority of overweight people don’t get enough exercise, the Fat Loss Factor Review course teaches participants about the benefits of getting regular exercise. The course advocates light exercise at least three times a week which helps kick-start your metabolism, which in turn enables your body to burn through its fat deposits and start building muscle. These exercises are light and consist of walking/jogging, light weight lifting as well as low intensity aerobic exercise. It is crucial that you ease your body into the exercises, as going full-force into them can cause injury in the muscles if your body is unable to handle the physical stress.

Finally, during this stage you will learn tips and tricks from Dr. Charles that describe how you can stay motivated during your weight loss journey. While almost everybody is able to start losing weight, and most people will show success within a few weeks, many people give up because they feel it isn’t working as advertised or that they aren’t losing weight fast enough. Dr. Charles provides many different tips and motivational tricks that you can use to stay motivated in your weight loss journey.

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