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Vasterbotten, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2013 -- One of the world’s emerging fitness trainers and weight loss experts, Alexander Brown has recently launched his new and effective e-book, ‘Fat Loss Factor’ that aims to help people shed their weights and convert their dreams of having a slim and trim body into a reality. The book contains effective and reliable workout plans and food habits that are capable to melt away fat from a person’s body, making him look fitter than ever before. In addition, the author also focuses on providing motivational secrets for a lifelong fitness success.

The Fat Loss Factor program was initially carried out by Dr. Charles D.C who approached Alexander Brown to write a review on it. He wanted someone with a big fan following and Alexander was the one who met his criteria perfectly. He agreed to this after thoroughly studying his program and being totally convinced of its reliability.

Alexander Brown is the editor of, a website that serves as a key to a healthier and fitter lifestyle by providing highly useful and effective articles on weight loss. His currently released e-book, ‘Fat Loss Factor Review’ has enthralled the people around the US because of its reliable and credible tips, techniques and procedures to get rid of stomach fat in a relatively shorter period of time. The customers are required to stick to their weight loss desire with full devotion and dedication and follow all the instructions in the book sincerely so as to get instant results.

Throughout the book they will learn valuable steps to implement a lifestyle of fitness, ideal foods their bodies need and the positive mental attitude that will help them reach the body of their dreams. The book also includes helpful tips from the author’s one of the most favorite customers Lori that helped her shed 85+ pounds and completely changed the way she looked. Alexander’s Fat Loss Factor also focuses on the techniques that will help in maintaining a stable state of hormones and increasing the metabolic rate of an individual.

The e-book is available at a very affordable price so that more and more people can benefit from it and can get rid of their extra fat.The website has over 3,000 customer reviews who have actually bought the book and has experienced tremendous results. The customers can also subscribe to a free fitness newsletter at the website to enjoy a healthy, better and obesity free lifestyle.

For more information on Fat Loss Factor, interested folks may visit their official page.

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