Fat Loss Factor Review - Scam Put to the Test

Fat Loss Factor is the diet program which focused on, due to its popularity among people who want to lose weight. The site tested the product with the help of well-known nutritionist Ben Aldwin order to find out whether it is a scam or if it actually works.


Cluj-Napoca, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- delves in a extensive Fat Loss Factor review in order to find out whether the diet is a scam or not. Through the investigation made by the said site, it was found out that the diet program really works and therefore, it is not a scam.

Fat Loss Factor is a diet program created by Dr. Michael Allen along with his wife, Lori Allen. The mission of the said diet program is to help everyone lose their unwanted fat. It provides workout routines, weight loss strategies, meal planning as well as year long coaching through personal email.

The program provides different strategy levels that will effectively burn extra fat in the body. Through following the whole program, everyone will be able to achieve their desired results in just a short period of time. The effectiveness of the product was proven and tested by Ben Aldwin, a nutritionist from Diet Tester.

"What makes this diet special and most importantly effective is the fact that it focuses on helping people losing actual body fat rather than just weight on the scales. If you want to be healthy, fit in those nice clothes and feel better overall it's the fat you want to lose, and Fat Loss Factor helps you do just that.", declared Aldwin after reviewing the program and testing it out for 3 weeks. According to the nutritionist, all 7 clients who were on the program during the test time managed to reduce their body fat percentage from 30-40% to 20-25%.

"Hey you guys, I've just wanted to say thank you for making this amazing program! I have already lost 5 pounds since I first started! I can't wait to see how more weight I'll lose as I get deeper into the program. Thank you!" says Lauren, one of the first clients to try out the program.

Given that more than 70% of the US population is overweight, with more than 40% with increased risk of getting heart disease and diabetes before age 45, the need for such a diet is on the rise.

With the claim of that Fat Loss Factor program is not scam, it is expected that many weight loss hopefuls will give it a try in the next coming months.

For more information, interested folks may Click here for the official Fat Loss Factor site.

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