Fat Loss Factor Scam - Health Pro Con Review

Fat Loss Factor Program is the best selling e-guide to make people lose extra fat in the most effective and fastest way.


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Fat Loss Factor promises to expose an unusual method of reducing one to two inches of belly under a week while still able to eat one’s favorite foods. This weight management program promises a flatter stomach quickly and it does not encourage starvation diets or tough workouts.

Developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, a licensed chiropractor, wellness professional, and certified nutritionist, Fat Loss Factor advocates making the body as healthy as possible before embarking on a weight loss course. It mainly promotes keeping the liver in optimum condition to keep burning fat throughout the day.

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A taste of the unique slimming factor

As a program designed to help a person lose weight without having to sacrifice his favorite foods, even if these are the so-called bad ones such as cake, cookie, and ice cream, it is subject to a lot of curiosity and questions. But it should be noted that while 70% of Americans are obese the consumption of bad foods should not take all the blame.

To cite one fact, it is harder for women to shed pounds and inches than men because their fat cells have fat-storing enzymes while the latter consist of fat-burning enzymes. This program promises to overcome this major roadblock. The user has to make sure not to resort to crash diets that automatically put the body in starvation mode as this will reduces the fat-burning enzymes.

Taking on the right program doesn’t necessarily mean waiting for long periods to achieve results. Fat Loss Factor reveals a method to instantly boost fat loss that involves cleansing the liver, eating fat-burning foods, and exercising regularly to bring life-changing results that can be sustained for the long-term.

It is critical to clean up the liver and body to get rid of the toxins because a dysfunctional liver impacts weight gain. A liver clogged up with junk makes it difficult to lose weight reducing the full potential of this organ to boost the body’s metabolism. Remember that excess weight is manifested around the belly.

The program also discloses why eating one’s favourite foods in moderation won’t affect the weight loss progress and also what fat-burning foods should be consumed. Far from advising a person to spend hours in the gym or do cardio, it recommends 15-minute exercises to be done three times a week.

Ultimately, Fat Loss Factor points to the reasons why fad diets fail while it delivers results on an average of one to two pounds lost in the first week and an average of four to eight pounds in the first month. This method shows men an effective way of burning stomach fat and building lean muscles while it demonstrates to women that taking off inches in the waist, butt, and thigh are possible in just a few days.

A thorough step to weight loss

The full course is presently available. It packs in a lot of features all geared towards achieving the body one is aiming for. To take on this program, one will get the Fat Loss Factor book, liver and body cleansing videos, access to software programs that can show what fast foods can be eaten, grocery list of available foods, and beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises.

It also includes five samples of 15-minute workout routines, a Fat Loss Factor measurement form, a goal setting guide, food diary and exercise logs, one full year of personal email coaching, free lifetime updates, and a recipe book with 60 meals and shakes. The program promises fast results with easy to follow instructions.

About Fat Loss Factor
Overall, the Fat Loss Factor because is a great program with a ton of well-organized information. Although the program requires time and effort, the methods are very easy to follow and understand, thus loss of motivation is significantly reduced. I also like the fact that we are given options regarding diet and exercise because what works for one person might not work for another, but it’s also up to each person whether he or she is motivated and determined enough to lose weight.

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