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Fat Loss Tips and Product Reviews Found at New Website Fat Burning Furnace Critic


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- Articles on fat loss tips, fitness, and healthy recipes at the new website FatBurningFurnaceCritic.org advise dieters how to lose fat in a healthy and lasting way.

As the website states, “The billion dollar weight loss industry has made a ton of money taking advantage of people struggling to lose weight.” The Fat Burning Furnace Critic website’s goal is to help sift through the gimmicks and misinformation often associated with fat loss programs by providing informative articles that help determine the difference between fat loss vs. weight loss and temporary fat loss solutions vs. healthier permanent solutions.

The website addresses the difference between fat loss and weight loss and the misconception many dieters face when starting a new weight loss program. “When you ask most people who are on a diet just what they are trying to do, they will tell you that they are trying to lose weight, when in reality they want to lose body fat,” the website states in one of its articles. This along with other informative healthy fat loss tips can be found on this site for would-be dieters.

One of the key features of the site is their review of one of the internet’s most popular programs for fat loss, Fat Burning Furnace. The lifestyle change program Fat Burning Furnace is being touted as the “15 minute miracle.” The program focuses on short workouts and foods that are specifically targeted to burn fat and keep metabolism running high all day long. While, this site does not specifically sell this program, readers can find access to the Fat Burning Furnace Critic program’s link if they discover that this program may be the solution.

Would be dieters can also find healthy recipes meant to promote fat loss, along with articles on specific types of exercise strategies. For instance, one article gives tips on short workout plans that fit in with everyday activities like watching T.V. Readers will also find tips on the best type of cardio that speeds up and enables fat loss in the http://www.fatburningfurnacecritic.org article, “What is the Best Type of Cardio for Fat Loss?”

About Fat Burning Furnace Critic
FatBurningFurnaceCritic.org is a new website dedicated to helping those looking to lose weight or fat achieve and maintain their goals. It provides reviews of popular products, informative articles and tips for fat loss success to help dieters lose fat in a healthy way and maintain the results. For more information visit http://fatburningfurnacecritic.org/