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Fat Loss Tips for Women over 40 Revealed by Dr Livingston reveals a weight loss program that can help women over 40 lose weight in a fast and safe way. The program is called Fat Loss Factor and was developed by Dr Charles Livingston, writes the magazine in their review.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2013 -- For most women over 40, losing weight and getting back in shape is pretty hard because the metabolism is slower than it was in their youth. This is precisely why medical researcher, nutritionist and chiropractor Charles Livingston has created Fat Loss Factor.

Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program that can help women of all ages get in shape regardless of their fitness level. This is because the program tackles an issue that most other plans fail to take into account: detoxification. By cleansing the body and eliminating all impurities and toxins, the metabolism is accelerated. As the metabolism is enhanced, the body becomes more active and more responsive to diets and workouts, informs

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The magazine says the body cleansing part lasts for two weeks in which women will have to eat solely organic and natural foods, mainly fruits and vegetables. After the first stage of the program is completed, women will have 10 weeks to diet and exercise based on Dr Livingston’s book recommendations.

The publication warns women that the Fat Loss Factor program requires a lot of work and commitment. Fortunately, the author provides useful tips on how to stay motivated and become more engaged in the weight loss process. By following the doctor’s instructions, women of all ages will be able to lose weight and fat in only 12 weeks.

Regarding exercising, the author focuses on strength training, which should be the key to one’s workout routine, and on high intensity cardio training, which helps burn calories and improves heart health. Dr Livingston says women over 40 should not worry about their age or fitness level getting in the way, as the workouts are designed for all women to be able to perform them accordingly.

Taking all the aforementioned facts into account, concludes that Dr Charles Livingston’s Fat Loss Factor downloadable e-book is the best online-based fat loss plan for women over 40, helping them get in shape and regain their youth, joy and self-confidence.