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Fat Loss Tips You Can Use Offers Weight Reduction Guidelines for Wedding Season

Safe, healthy weight loss is achievable before wedding day.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2012 -- Fitness website Fat Loss Tips You Can Use has outlined recommendations for brides and grooms to shed weight without resorting to pricey, drastic methods like feeding tubes.

“No matter how important your nuptials are, healthy weight loss is imperative. This means losing weight gradually and steadily, ideally at a rate of 1-2 pounds a week,” Fat Loss Tips You Can Use owner K. Chatman said.

It is important to put in place a weight loss program in advance that is based on sustainable principles. Although it is tempting, do not participate in short-term, drastic regimens.

“You stand to immediately gain more weight than you shed after a quick fix. You may not even look, much less feel, good on wedding day. Maybe you could achieve your goal by your wedding day. However, how long can you maintain this new look afterwards?” Mr. Chatman added.

Grooms- and brides-to-be should balance their diets. They should also eat less at each meal but more often every day. This could include three low-fat meals inclusive of protein and plant fiber plus two smaller in-between meals or snacks. Eating at this frequency regulates blood sugar and dulls ravenousness.

“Needless to say, the weeks leading to your wedding should ideally be clear of eating out if feasible. Prepare food at home if you can. Also, drink plenty of water and avoid beverages with sugar and calories if possible,” K. A. Chatman said.

An effective diet should be combined with an efficient physical activity program. This could include walking, running, interval training, weight lifting, ab ripper, and so on. Exercise and healthy eating can help maximize weight loss.

“If the couple is pressed for time, they may consider working with a licensed nutritionist and a reputable pro fitness trainer. Most importantly, try to maintain these new habits after the wedding day," concluded Mr. Chatman.

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