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Fat Losses Kicks off an Obesity Awareness Campaign

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New Bern, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- According to the Weight-Control Information Network, two of every three adult Americans need to lose weight as they are either overweight or obese, with one in 20 considered to be extremely obese. Approximately one-third of those between the ages of six and 19 are overweight or obese with one in six labeled as obese by medical professionals.

"Americans of every age need to understand the dangers of carrying excess weight, whether it is ten pounds or 200. With the help of Fat Losses, Americans of every age find the tools they need to reach a healthy weight and stay there for life," Ofeira of Fat Losses declares.

An easy way to start taking the weight off is to start replacing recipes used on a regular basis with quick and easy healthy recipes for weight loss. From Ginger Tea with Dairy Creamer to Stir Fry with Rice, one finds a wide range of recipes designed to promote weight loss on Fat Losses. "Eating healthy has never been easier thanks to these recipes as they taste so good family members will be asking for them time and time again," Ofeira promises.

If one or more family members refuse to take part in changes in the eating plan, explain the importance of healthy eating habits with the help of Fat Losses. Sadly, as Ofeira points out, many don't understand the connection between excessive eating, unhealthy weight, and various medical conditions, including cancer and diabetes. Fat Losses works to explain the connection between what one puts in their mouth and their overall health as a better understanding of this connection may encourage those who are fighting change to start make modifications in what they eat and how they live.

Once the weight starts to come off, many wish to learn how to build muscle and lose fat more rapidly as the results are so pleasing they want to speed the process up. "This is completely understandable which is why many turn to Fat Losses for help. Here one learns how to gain weight and build muscle if they are unable to do so, how to take extra pounds off if that is their issue and how to be a good parent. Life seems to fly by for most. Having information such as this in one place makes life somewhat easier and Fat Losses is glad to provide this information to as many as possible so everyone should feel free to share the site and what it has to offer," Ofeira states.

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