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Fat Reduction Injections with Kybella to Reduce a Double Chin Reviewed by Dr Barry Lycka & Dr Jeanine Downie

Latest fat reduction injections and devices are discussed by expert dermatologists


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2015 -- Fat reduction treatments are evolving and improving and are now becoming available for traditionally difficult to treat body areas. One such area is the so-called 'Double Chin', which is correctly referred to as submental fullness. A new injectable medication known as Kybella, has been approved for use by the United States Food and Drug Administration, in 2015, to reduce fat in the double chin area. One of the doctors involved with the clinical trials for Kybella is board certified dermatologist Dr Jeanine Downie, at her practice in Montclair, New Jersey, and she shares her experience of Kybella and other fat reduction treatments with Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka as he hosts this week's (02Nov15) episode of Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on webtalkradio.net.

In this in-depth interview, Dr Lycka & Dr Downie begin with a discussion about previously available injectable medications for fat reduction, particularly the difficulties encountered by practitioners, and the treatment experience issues from a patients perspective. Dr Downie explains her involvement with the clinical trials for Kybella as part of the FDA approval process, and highlights the results, the typical treatment plan, and the patient experience.

Whilst featuring their concerns about patients selecting suitably experienced doctors for injectable treatments such as Kybella and also for fillers, and for neuromodulators (such as Botox) to reduce wrinkles, the two doctors also discuss the issues and dangers when patients select unregulated, and inexperienced providers, based purely upon price, often operating out of hotel rooms, on cruise ships and of course overseas.

In the last segment of the interview, Dr Downie introduces another fat reduction and muscle toning device she has introduced into her practice with great results, the Ultratone Futura® Pro.

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