Fat Tire Bikes - The Last Frontier of Ultra Biking

These bikes are incrediblly latest product array within the cycling industry with unique features and innovative designs.


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/18/2014 -- The development of the fat tire bike is a consequence of a couple of unique contributing elements, three of which being: increasing fat bike consciousness, several severe winters, and increased all over bike commuting! The National Highway Safety Administration reports that in 1995 the whole quantity of journeys taken by bikes has been elevated from 3.14 billion to 4.08 billion, with a big part of these being commuted through bike, in 2009. Subsequently, several serious winters have resulted in a heightened need of electric mountain bike or all those courageous people attempting to travel all year round.

Genesis takes place with the launch of events such as the Iditabike on Alaskan Iditarod track. Originally, conventional mountain bicycles were utilized to handle this occasion. Nevertheless, after the first race, it became obvious that adjustments could be essential to compete in this kind of all terrain tracks. Consequently, mountain-bike wheels were welded or pinned together to permit standard all-terrain and dirt wheels to be mounted. This fascinating customization, improved the thickness of those previous bikes’ treads to more than 3 inches. Iditabike individuals were permitted by the elevated exhaust thickness to drift over any kind of hurdle ,they might actually run into.

Other features of the fat tire mountain bike are the recreation and commuting element, with low cost, slightly heavier and more fun concentrated options. Every fat bike industry features fat bike with tire sizes from 3 inches to even 4.7 inches.

Surface604 was started in a clean and beautiful Vancouver, BC and named after the region code of their beloved town. They dared to manufacture this amazing stimulating bike frame with wide-grip tires and a smooth lithium-ion battery at the end with an integrated taillight. They manufactured a bold style, coupled with environment durability.

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