Fat Tire E-Bikes - Designed to Conquer All Roads and Trails of the World

Electric fat bikes sales has a quick growth curve with Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands leading the way with a growth rate of 11 to 15%


British Columbia, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- Riding a Fat tire bike allows people to ride on places which they can only envision before. Difficulty in riding on ice and snow are now the past things; now one can also make use of the snow to his/her advantage and set out for fantastic winter tours.

But before running down with fat tire bikes into that skiing trek there are few methods that all fat bike riders must observe while riding in snow. Always ensure that riding is permitted where one wish to ride. Examining any sites that the property managers may have are fast methods to discover. One can acquire trail passes if they're needed. Riders should ensure that they aren't making a trench deeper than 1inch and aren't having troubles riding on a straight-line. Please don't cycle on the trail, where the snow is soft.

Equipment Recommendations
- Rider should ride a purpose built fat tire bike; other old mountain bike simply won’t fly.
- The wheels in the bicycle must be broader than 3.7” and the pressure must be less than 10 PSI. It should be riding on snow, not inside it.
- Though not important, tools to repair the fat tire mountain bike will be useful. Since the rubber elements won’t be as efficient in the cold; rider may wish to keep their tire pump on their own in severe cold weather.

Bikers must be ready for ever changing climate conditions. Ice and snow may melt and fresh snow can fall. This can influence on their return journey and perhaps makes it much more difficult.

Surface604 is a firm which produces fat tire bikes. This company was started in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their fat bikes has four-inch wide tires, twice the wideness of many mountain-bike tire treads which adds better grip and prevent the tire to sink into snow or mud.

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