Father and Son Team Bill & Justin Wyatt Seeks $50,000 Through Kickstarter to Develop the Tri-Axial Generator to Provide 100% Clean, Renewable Energy

The TAG is a Revolutionary Inline Hydroelectric Generator That Uses the Unharnessed Energy Within Pipelines to Generate Clean, Renewable Electricity.

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Greenville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2013 -- The Tri-Axial Generator (TAG) is a revolutionary new type of small hydroelectric generator. It operates in existing pipelines and uses the fluid's kinetic energy to spin the Wyatt’s unique Patent Pending open-center impeller to produce electricity.

The Wyatt’s product only has one moving part: their magnetically suspended, open- center impeller assembly (Pat. Pending #61879043). It has no shafts, no bearings or gears to wear out, and it needs virtually no maintenance. It can be installed in numerous applications including municipal water systems, cooling towers, industrial manufacturing and processing plants, or anywhere that has a large amount of fluid passing through pipes. Future applications include natural gas, cryogenics, sports facilities, as well as many others.

The Tri-Axial Generator works when fluid in the pipeline passes through the magnetically suspended impeller forcing it to spin. The impeller's moving magnetic field passes by each of our externally mounted copper coils and creates an electric charge in them. This charge is collected and sold back to the retail electric providers.

Renewable energy is an exploding market, but most of the focus has been solar and wind power. Nobody has considered using existing water lines for hydro-electric production. The Wyatts are asking for help from the general public so they can be the first to bring to market an alternative energy source that can power the world with renewable, green energy.

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